Armenian Government, Hoping to Set Example, Switches to Locally-Made Goods

YEREVAN–In a cabinet meeting on July 6, PM Nikol Pashinyan announced that members of the Armenian government have switched from using Apple laptops to Armenia-manufactured ones
Pashinyan recalled that the development of information technology is one of the priorities of the government. The Prime Minister expressed hope that other government agencies and the National Assembly will follow suit. Days later, the government made another announcement, that it would be using eco-pens made from recycled paper.

“It is very important for our country to develop domestic production. We should all give preference to Armenia-made products. As you see, there are such opportunities,” Pashinyan said. He also urged citizens to give preference to goods of Armenian origin when making purchases, “This is both pleasant and profitable, and increases the possibilities of local production and producers,” Pashinyan said.

The ArmTabs and ecopens are manufactured by Technology and Science Dynamics (TSD), a company that entered the Armenian market in 2013 with the first Armenian tablet ArmTab and the first Armenian smartphone ArmPhone. Later, the company registered with the Free Economic Zone and started production of devices not only for local but also foreign markets. According to preliminary data, investments in the production of Armenian tablets amounted to more than $3 million.


More News from Armenia in Brief: 

  • Armenian Church Displays Relic. ECHMIADZIN–The Holy Lance of Keghart is the spear point used by a Roman soldier during the Crucifixion, to pierce the side of Jesus and ensure that he was dead. The relic is housed in the museum of Holy Echmiadzin. Recent rumors had suggested it was given away as a gift. While traditional only displayed on rare religious occasions, church leaders displayed the relic on Saturday, July 7, to allay those fears.
  • Members of Ex-President’s Family Continue to be Focus of Criminal Crackdown. YEREVAN–Former President Serzh Sarkisian’s nephew, Hayk Sarkisian, is suspected of attempted murder in the April 1, 2007 death of Yerevan resident Davit Simonian. Previously, the death had been attributed to an accidental shooting. Hayk’s brother Narek, both sons of the former President’s brother Aleksandr, is also currently wanted by police on suspicion of theft and illegal possession of weapons and drugs. In a separate case, an arrest warrant has been issued for Levon Sarkisian, another brother of the former President, who is being prosecuted on charges of illegal enrichment. It is claimed that income documentation had failed to disclose nearly $7 million deposited in banks over the second half of 2017 by Levon Sarkisian and his children, Narek and Ani.
  • “Stand Up, Armenia” Civic Movement Forms New Political Party. Constructive Party of Armenia was formed at the end of June from the Stand Up, Armenia civil initiative led by Andrias Gukasyan. The new political party plans to run in local government and early parliamentary elections. Ghukasyan is expected to be nominated as chair and has indicated support for Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Ghukasyan has previously run for President of Armenia and Stand Up, Armenia gained prominence during the 2015 public outcries over hikes in electricity prices.


  1. for armenia to continue its success and achievements politically, economically and socially it must root up corruption, scandal and criminal activity that has until the recent changes in government have only been given token attention.

  2. Very good. Now if we could only reduce the amount of Turkish goods flooding the Armenian market…….

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