ARF Representatives from the Americas, Australia Meet in Buenos Aires

Homeland-Diaspora Relations, Artsakh, and the Centennial of the First Republic Among Issues Discussed

BUENOS AIRES (A.W.)—The Rayonakan (Inter-Regional) meeting of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) bodies of the Americas and Australia took place in Buenos Aires, Nov. 11-12, under the auspices of the ARF Bureau.

Participants of the Rayonakan (Inter-Regional) meeting of the ARF bodies of the Americas and Australia (Photo: ARF Press Office)

Members of the ARF Bureau, including its representative, as well as members of the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia and representatives of various ARF regions, were present at the two-day meeting. The ARF Eastern U.S. was represented by Central Committee members John Avedissian and Antranig Kasbarian.

After the presentation of the Bureau’s annual report, meeting participants were given the opportunity to assess and evaluate the party’s activities over the past year.

Meeting participants addressed the latest developments of Armenia’s domestic politics and the results of the ARF’s participation in Armenia’s government as a coalition partner.

The meeting also discussed in detail and assessed social justice, economic, and security reform issues in Armenia.

The latest developments regarding the Artsakh conflict and the ARF’s potential role in that regard were examined carefully during the meeting, as was the need for the strengthening of the Armenian and Artsakh armed forces and the consolidation of popular support for the military.

Issues pertaining to Armenia’s economic and social growth were also high on the meeting’s agenda.

Participants then reported and discussed issues pertaining to the organizational and political activities of the represented ARF regions. The current state of Armenia-Diaspora relations, the importance of strengthening their bonds, and the issue of the sustainable development of diasporan communities were addressed.

The centennial celebration of the establishment of the Republic of Armenia was also on the meeting agenda, and participants discussed the various events and initiatives planned for 2018 in Armenia and around the world.

Proposals were presented concerning the organizational enhancement of the party, and common positions on various key issues were adopted by the meeting.


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