Armenian Officials Arrested for Suspicion of Bribery


YEREVAN (A.W.)—Two high-ranking officials of Armenia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs were arrested for suspicion of bribery on Dec. 27, the National Security Service (NSS) reported. The arrested officials included the head of the Medical-Social Expertise Agency, Armen Saghoyan, and the head of the Department of Reexpertise, Aram Petrosyan.

The officials had formed a bribery scheme within the ministry where officials would accept bribes and pass them on to higher-ranking officials, according to the NSS.

Particularly, members of the agency have demanded 20,000-40,000 dram in bribes to assign a citizen with a disability.  The money then would get distributed throughout the agency and then be given to the head.

Law enforcement found 2,547,000 drams and $600 (USD) following a search o Saghoyan’s office.

At least nine provincial chairmen, two Yerevan based chairmen of the Medical-Social Expertise Agency, and the head of the Department of Reexpertise have been involved in this scheme.

A criminal case has been opened and the investigation is taking further measures to identity others involved.


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