ANCA Withholds 2016 Presidential Endorsement

‘The ANCA Has Concluded That Neither the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine Nor the Donald Trump-Mike Pence Ticket Earned the Organization’s Endorsement.’

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) today issued the following statement regarding the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.


Every four years, as part of a comprehensive election strategy that includes Congressional report cards, candidate questionnaires, selected endorsements, voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) carefully studies the past records and current campaign positions of the Presidential candidates regarding issues of special concern to the Armenian American community.

Following consultations with both leading campaigns regarding their respective policy priorities on Armenian American issues, and after reviewing the major party candidates’ track records and positions, the ANCA has concluded that neither the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine nor the Donald Trump-Mike Pence ticket earned the organization’s endorsement.

Detailed information on the records of the Republican and Democratic Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates can be found on the ANCA website:

The ANCA encourages Armenian American voters to vote and actively engage in all other aspects of the electoral process, most prominently by actively supporting our endorsed candidates at the federal, state, and local levels. For more information on the ANCA’s 2016 Congressional Endorsements and Grades – please visit:

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Guest Contributor

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  1. As they should. It’s clear a Clinton presidency would strike down any attempt to recognize the genocide. And a Trump presidency is a big unknown regarding recognition.

    • But Trump is pro-Christian, more than you can say about prior candidates who the ANCA have endorsed.

    • You should be more concerned for live Armenians than 100-year-past dead ones. A Clinton presidency will probably include an American military intervention in Syria, which will almost certainly result in the extinction of Syria’s Armenian community (a repeat of what happened in Iraq). Any such intervention will require the cooperation of Turkey, leading to a Clinton presidency silence on human rights abuses in Turkey under dictator Erdogan. What risks all this will pose for Artsakh is uncertain, but her political needs and debts are unlikely to be in any way positive for its existence.

    • Steve, i am, that’s why i voted Trump. But you can’t blame the ANCA for not endorsing him. He has never publicly spoken about Armenia or Armenian issues and has zero record. At least he advocated for better relations with Russia which should help Armenia. Clinton is an easy non starter. We can count on her continuing the Obama trend of working against AG recognition and working to divide Armenia and Russia.

  2. Clinton is anti-Genocide and anti-Christian. ANCA had no problems endorsing Obama. Trump is clearly pro-Christian and even has the endorsement of the Evangelicals, but the ANCA can’t do it. Pffft!!

  3. Armenians are ignored by many presidents
    I don’t know why …!?
    They serve Americans without reward …
    Betray after betray
    After president Wilson left the scene
    I don’t know why…!?

    What harm Armenians have done
    To their beloved state…!
    Any one can say…???

    Leave them to find their way.
    One day they will realize how much mistake they did …
    To ignore such an artful, honest, dedicated race.

    November 1, 2016
    Written instantly

  4. That is great news. Trump is a question mark and Hillary is the typical lying politician. I have more respect for Johyn Mccain who told ANCA in 2008 that now “is not the time on recognition ” than liar Obama who promised and never delivered on genocide recognition.

  5. At last… We finally learnt not to waste our resources on endorsing the POTUS candidates. There are behind-the-scene groups in this “democratic” country whose business is to ensure that nothing–regardless who the president is–changes in the American Establishment. One such group is the infamous Council on Foreign Relations. By the way, Hillary is a CFR member…

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