Camp Armen to Be Returned to Armenians?

ISTANBUL (A.W.)—Fatih Ulusoy, the current owner of Camp Armen, said on May 23 that he would sign the transfer of the property over to the Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Foundation. Camp Armen is the former summer camp located in the Tuzla district of Istanbul that provided asylum for Armenian orphans until 1983. Ulusoy’s statement came after weeks of protests by local activists on the camp grounds, demanding that the site, which faced demolition, be returned to its Armenian owners.

The children of Camp Armen with Hrant Guzelian, the founder of the camp standing on the right
The children of Camp Armen with Hrant Guzelian (standing, right), the founder of the camp

In response to Ulusoy’s statement, Nor Zartonk, the Armenian youth movement in Istanbul that is at the forefront of protest actions demanding the return of the property to the foundation, vowed to continue the struggle until the deed was successfully transferred to the Armenians. “We shall not leave Camp Armen until the land title and related property rights are entirely transferred to the foundation,” they declared.

On May 22, Nor Zartonk held a solidarity demonstration in Istanbul that called on authorities to stop the demolition of Camp Armen and urged the return of the confiscated property to the Armenian community.

Over 1,000 demonstrators gathered at the Beyoğlu Tünel Square on Istiklal Street to voice their concern over the fate of the historic Armenian camp, including Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) municipal candidate Murad Mıhçı.

Demonstrators held signs in Turkish that read, “Give Camp Armen back to the Foundation” and “Camp Armen belongs to Armenians.”

Activists gather to block the demolition of Camp Armen
Protesters held a live-in demonstration at Camp Armen

The camp had been marked for demolition to make room for luxury residential buildings. Yet, soon after the demolition began on May 6, work was halted when concerned citizens intervened. Protesters held a live-in demonstration at Camp Armen.

On May 20, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) started an action alert calling on the public to urge Congress to support swift U.S. action against Turkey’s destruction of Camp Armen.

The state seized the camp from the Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Church Foundation in 1987, after the Turkish Court of Cassation approved a decree by the local court. The state later gave the land to a previous owner on the basis of a 1936 declaration.

The camp was once home to around 1,500 children, including the late Hrant Dink, his wife Rakel, and Parliamentarian Erol Dora. It had been left abandoned for years following its seizure.

Below is Nor Zartonk’s May 23 statement:

Declaration on Camp Armen

Dear friends, comrades from all around the world and Today, in the 18th day of our Camp Armen resistance, the current property owner of the camp, Fatih Ulusoy, has just declared that he would transfer property rights of the camp to the Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Foundation. To the press, the national and international community, which have been watching and supporting our resistance, we once again declare that our struggle will continue, and we shall not leave Camp Armen until the land title and related property rights are entirely transferred to the Foundation. We will not end our struggle for Camp Armen until the transfer of property rights, the formal process of land title registration, are officially completed.

Also, we want to remind [the public] that the issue of confiscation, destruction, and usurpation of Armenian premises, properties, and works of Armenian cultural heritage by the state is not limited to Camp Armen. Hundreds of other establishments, buildings, churches, schools, and private and collectively owned properties that have belonged to the Armenian people have shared the same fate as Camp Armen. A solution for these premises cannot be attempted through individual efforts; rather we must proceed collectively, and along with the political demands of the Armenian people.

We once again declare that Camp Armen is, and will, serve as a precedent for further struggles for these confiscated, illegally usurped, and destroyed entities, as well as the social, cultural, and political being of the Armenian people in Turkey. We once again call for the support and solidarity of all concerned parties and of the international community in our struggle to raise the demands of the Armenian people, and to ask the state and political authorities to fulfill their duties in securing the legal completion of the transfer of property rights for all these premises. Until then, we will continue our resistance for Camp Armen.

In solidarity,




  1. What about Melkonian Educational Institute in Cyprus, will that be returned to Armenian students or does that not have enough historical significance to Armenian culture?

  2. Like native American Indians in US, the Armenians in Turkey should have similar rights for their cultural heritage sites, structures and lands tax free with autonomous principles.
    It’s 21st century and is about time for Armenians and Turks to live under the same sun with some harmony.

  3. Congratulations your desire to have the property returned to its rightful owners and your personal commitment to this cause should serve as an example of what can happen with effort on behalf of the victums. Again congratulations.

  4. I am admirative to nor zartonk’s initiative.this is a good beginning in thé process of réhabilitation .i uséd to sing in thé same choir as hrant guzelian in thé Church of Beaumont marseille

  5. Nice to see Istanbul-Armenians waking up and demanding their rights in Turkey instead of cowering to Turks. Now please also do something about Sevan Nishanyan.

    • Demanding one’s rights is not easy. Only now with some opening in Turkey are they able to step out bravely.

      Hrant led the way.

      It’s still dangerous there. Nishanyan being a case and point. With Sevan, they’re trying to not turn and Armenian into a martyr, but put him away so no one can hear from him again.

  6. Thank god Armenians are standing up to their rights for camp Armen
    Thank god

  7. Finally some worthwhile demands made! Thanks to the true Armenians who instead of pushing for recognition of a term “Genocide” are demanding properties (hopefully ANI will be demanded one day too) confiscated in followup of these “Massacers” “Athrocities” “Mass Killings” etc. etc. etc.
    Very well done. Thank you.

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