Boyer Introduces New Genocide Denial Criminalization Law in France

PARIS, France—French Parliament Member Valerie Boyer, who spearheaded last year’s effort to pass a bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, submitted a new draft of the bill last week.


The bill stipulates the introduction of amendments to the 1881 law on freedom of press, setting legal foundation for countering racism and denial of Genocide.

The bill envisions a 45,000 euro fine and a year in prison for denial of crimes against humanity, including the Armenian Genocide, reported the Paris-based Nouvelles d’Arménie.

After successful passage of the bill in the French Parliament in December 2011, on January 23 of last year, the French Senate passed the bill criminalizing the Armenian Genocide.

Later, the French Constitutional Council ruled that the bill was unconstitutional.

However, in July 2012, French President Francois Hollande confirmed plans for a new law criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide with representatives of the Armenian community.


  1. This is one good event that counteracts the Danish and Sweedish Turkish story which questions the genocide.
    The Turkish high command should continue panicing.

    France has large poppulation of post Genocide Armenains who lived and mingled with French citizens. They know from ancestoral memory what happened. I can see why this bill created.

    French Armenians are in France because of the Armenian genocide just like Argentinian, lebanese, and other Armenians. These countries had a first exposure to the herrendous stories our ancestors went through. And these nations did the right thing and recognized the genocide.

    On the other hand, are those nations who despite their Armenian poppulations such as United States who didn’t. Why? Is questioning the truth on the way?
    The answer is, business. Obvious strong business, millitary, and lesser extant economic relations between them and Turkey. But, so does France, Germany, and Australia.
    But, with United States, exists this millitary strategic dependance on Turkey be present in the region. For a country that fought the war of independance and the civil war and the 60’s JFK and Martin luther king revolutions. Unbelievable????????

    I respect the courage of French and other European nations who despite their relations with Turkey have taken the right steps. It all comes from individual politisians who cared within their governemts.

  2. In 1987 Francxe was one of the important countries that recognized the Armenian Genocide.
    Only a year ago President Nicola Sarkozy of France publicly declared on French Square in Yerevan ,Armenia ,and I quote¨What occurred in Turkey in 1915 was
    Border that latter keeps closed-togesther with little brother Axerbaijan on the other side of Republic of Armenia , thinking they can debilitate the will of the Armenians ..They err.
    Fristly it has been 20 yrs or so that borders are closed by aforementioned.But has it affected much?
    They erroneously sstate that it causes armenia much loss…NOT True.
    1.Business between Turkey and Armenia has been conducted -borders supposedly closed-cross border and very openlu Turkish trucks go back and forth..
    2. Armenia is not Totally BLOCKADED AT ALL. From South it is connected via IRAN to the Persian Gulf and ocean going steamers..
    From North Trhough georgia to Russia and beyond…
    Thence it is to stay closed-acording to turkish insistance because Armenia and Nk ahve ¨occupied¨Axerbaijan territory..My foot it is the other way around,Those wwere liberatged from harsh Axeri rule, that did same in Nakhijevan totally pushing armenian rightfull owners from their ancewstral lands oiut and OCCUPYING SAME ,latger destroying all armenian Khatchkars Stone crosses in Julfa(Nakhijevan) in order to erase Añll Armenian trace from there.
    It won´t work.We shall stay in LIBERATED TERRITORIES IN NK AND WILL also eventiually take over what belonged to our ancestors in time.Not too far.

  3. Guys – I am a French-Turk, I grew up in France, and I even interned at the French Parliament (Lower House – where Boyer is deputy). First of all it’s sad to see that you are happy about her opportunistic move. She is using the armenian votes to get elected.

    In all cases, as I was interning for a deputy of the party of Sarkozy during the last attempt of criminalization last year I will tell you one thing. The law will not pass and I will tell you why. Because of the lobby. But wait, I will tell you who lobbied against that law = all the most powerful french multinationals doing business in Turkey. I am sorry guys but it’s too late, the cost of opportunity for France is too high anymore.

    • Turk:

      I am happy you are sad.

      And it is OK if MP Valerie Boyer is using Armenian votes to get elected: we’d rather be used by a beautiful, civilized, cultured French woman than be murdered by ugly, savage, barbarian, nomadic Turks.

      As to the lobbying: both the French Parliament and French Senate voted overwhelmingly – overwhelmingly – for the passage of the AG law, lobbying or not. Turks had to bribe 3-4 Turcophile judges of the Constitutional Court to have the law blocked.
      No matter: it will keep coming back, and coming back, and coming back. I will pass: this year, next year, whenever.

      One more thing French-Turk: Europeans, including French, don’t like Islamized Turks attempting to take over Europe.
      The French-French youth are already working against that: if you live in France, I am sure you have seen the video.
      And don’t feel too comfortable, Turk: Marine Le Pen won 18% of the vote, a shockingly high number for her party.
      It is just below the surface. When it reached critical mass, it will not be pretty in France for a French-Turk.

      And Turks pulled the same stunt after France recognized the AG: the trade between Turkey and France actually increased after that.
      It is an empty threat. Turks need Europe more than the other way around.
      Europe grew rich and thrived without Turkey: Turkey grew relatively prosperous because of Europe, using the stolen wealth of 4 million murdered Christians as a springboard.

    • For Turkish government genocide is not about truth, it is about business. Why doesn’t US recognize the truth of genocide? because of the millitary NATO business to be present in the middle east.
      But, if the NATO’s Turkish membership didn’t prevent Sweeden, Germany ( with also 4m+ Turks), and France who are all NATO partners from recognizing Armenian genocide; then you should be sad. Because, your internship experience is something I have experienced before. Probabley as a young intern you spoke to someone in the French multinationals and he filled you in on behalf of the rest. Therefore, your high hopes make you believe him.

      But, I wouldn’t be surprised if you spoke of these facts regarding United States, Greate Britain, and Isreal. So, don’t worry for now there is partial hope for you:)

    • Turk,

      France rather do business with China and Korea than Turkey. I am sure they will buy your produce since ancient Greece and Armenia had awsome climates for growing grapes, Apple, Apricot, etc.

      I guess another thing the French multinational buisness to Turkey might believe is that the whole cyprus must belong to Tukey not Greece, I suppose:)

      French multinationals to Turkey are expressing their optimism without because Turkey is going to expell them from Constantinople if they don’t. Another case of blackmailing crime.

  4. Eventhough passing this law is the moral thing to do, in real world, what is right is not important because money talks..The issue that will determine the passage of this bill is it’s impact the French economy . The French want to sell products to Turkey. Mrs.Boyer is an honorable woman but other French polticians are more interested in helping French interests. Armenia should buy some French arms like the Lecrec tank and that will please the French. The Armenian government should also award some contracts to French companies for important projects.

  5. To fight a potential Karabagh war, Armenia would need an advanced tank like the French AMX-50 lecrec tank which has a setup similar to the T-72 but the major difference is that it is very advanced. It has advanced ceramic armour that can be upgraded meaning that Armenia will not have to buy new tanks but can upgrade the armour package. The advantage is that the tank has an autoloader cutting the crew to three people . This tank will be a very effective weapon against the T-72. Lets see if Dodi Gago and Rubo can donate some of their money to buy some Lecrec tanks. That is how you will French political favors.

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