Armenian Athlete Secures First Olympic Gold for Russia

LONDON (A.W.)—Armenian athlete Arsen Galstyan secured Russia’s first Olympic gold in the 60-kilogram judo competition on July 28. It was also Russia first Olympic gold in judo since the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Arsen Galstyan with his gold medal

In the semi-final and final rounds, Galstyan defeated double world champion Rishod Sobirov (Uzbekistan) and Hiroaki Hiraoka (Japan), respectively.

Commentators deemed Galstyan’s victory a surprise, as he is ranked number five in the world.

He had won the bronze medal in the most recent judo world championships.

Galstyan was born in Armenia on Feb. 19, 1989. The 5’7’’ (170 cm) athlete is coached by Igor Romanov. He sometimes trains with his two brothers, Arman and Tigran.

“When I have nobody to train with, I [recruit] one of my brothers. It seems to me that my victories give them additional stimulation to train and win,” he told in an interview published last year.



  1. Congratulations, you are a son of Varazdat, an Armenian boxer who won in one of the last Ancient Olympics, in boxing, in about 360

    • Yes indeed…. Congratulations Arsen jan.. even though it would have been such a great feeling having the gold to represent the Armenian are still the son of our nation… Armenian who carries the Armenian name in such a prestige competition.. the world will know you not as Russian but an Armenian who won the gold for Russia…

      Good luck to all our Armenian athletes.. we are all behind you and we love you…..

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