Astarjian: A Second Xoybun?

In the present turmoil in the Middle East—characterized by massive political upheaval, renewed genocidal military operations, threat of nuclear proliferation, and massive population shifts—the Kurdish Cause occupies a central position of concern to the governments of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, and of course us, the Armenians.

The issue is not new; the Kurdish struggle to be accepted as an ethnic group having some kind of self-rule started around 1843 when their leader in Bohtan, Prince Badrkhan, mobilized a 40,000 man-strong army consisting of Armenians and Kurds, and waged a war against the Ottoman oppressor. Armenians participated eagerly and enthusiastically, for in it they saw their salvation from Turkish tyranny.

This alliance was also a blessing for the Armenians since the Kurdish tribes, who had been their enemies in the past, became their allies against Turkish rule. The new situation dissolved the alliance that had existed between Armenians and the Turks against the Kurdish tribes.

In their separate ways, Kurds and Armenians have long struggled for their national rights and, in the case of the Kurds, also for ethnic identity. The uprisings led by Sheikh Oubaidullah and Sheikh Sa’eed at the beginning of the first quarter of the last century are good examples.

The Armeno-Kurdish relationship has been sporadic and untrustworthy, although there have been periods of cooperation.

In the chaos of shifting alliances, personal and ethnic interests and ambitions, political dynamics changed yet again. This time with German engineering and premeditated planning by Ittihad ve Terakki (Young Turks), the Kurds, in conjunction with the government and some Turkish people, carried out the great genocide of 1915. They slaughtered and looted, raped our women, and kidnapped our children. For them, implementing the genocide was not a patriotic act serving the Kurdish Cause.

Masoud Barzani

In the aftermath of the genocide, nursing profound hatred, Armenians had no significant contact with the Kurds. Some felt that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who had come to power in 1921, avenged their tragedy by beheading more than 700 prominent Kurdish personalities and mullahs, though in reality the beheadings had different motivations.

Ataturk committed a genocide of sorts against the Kurdish people by denying them their ethnicity, and depriving them from speaking their language and practicing their culture. Furthermore the state engaged in ethnic cleansing by abducting Kurdish children and placing them in remote schools, giving them Turkish names, brainwashing them, and giving them an ethnic Turkish identity.

Ataturk could kill people, but he could not kill the Kurds’ national aspirations.

In the late 1920’s, the Kurds waged an armed struggle against the central government. It was organized by the “Xoybun (Khoyboon) Party, founded by Kurds and Armenians who succeeded in establishing the Republic of Ararat and declaring independence on Oct. 28, 1927.” The ARF had played a pivotal role in ushering the uprising to victory.

Turkish authorities crushed the newborn republic in September 1930, but the idea of the Kurdish Cause not only survived, it propelled one step forward. The revolutionary fervor peaked when Seyid Riza, an Alevi leader of Zaza tribes, led a rebellion; Ataturk’s forces responded by launching a brutal massacre of the Dersimlies and the Zaza, details of which are seeping out just now. The year was 1937.

The Kurds never gave up. In the immediate aftermath of World War II, circumstances were right for the Kurds of Iran to create yet another republic, this time in the province of Mahabad. The Soviets, pursuing their own interests, facilitated the creation of this republic, which declared its independence from the central government in Tehran on Jan. 22, 1946. It was headed by Qazi Muhammad. Mala Mustafa Barzani was the defense minister. Tehran, with the help of the British and the Soviets, crushed the Mahabad Republic 11 months after its founding. Qazi Muhammad went to the gallows, while Mala Mustafa escaped to his base in Barzan in Iraqi Kurdistan.

On Feb. 3, this year, and under the auspices of Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani, the feuding Kurdish parties of Iran, together with Kurdish leaders from all over greater Kurdistan, celebrated the 66th anniversary of the Republic of Mahabad. The event was unusual in that it was the first celebration in 66 years. What prompted this gathering?

Stemming from their revolutionary history and in his speech to the celebrants, Barzani vowed to work to unite the Kurds of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria to realize their dream of a Greater Kurdistan. A Kurdish statesman of Barzani’s stature had never before made such an overt statement so loudly. The statement had far-reaching implications, the most obvious of which was reconciling different Kurdish tribes and political groups in preparation for re-committing to a Mahabad-type Kurdish republic.

In fact, the plan was initiated and driven by the U.S. to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran from within, and free the world from its nuclear threat. Barzani owed one to the U.S. He tried but the effort was fruitless; enmity between the Iranian Kurdish political parties prevented any kind of reconciliation.

Leaving details and further analysis for another time, what concerns us most is what has been known for a long time, but not through the mouth of a Kurdish-elected official like Barzani—and that is commitment to create a unified Kurdistan combining Iraqi Kurdistan with that of Iran, Syria, and Turkey. The formulators of such a union must take into account the fact that part of what they call Kurdistan is Western Armenia. We are the sole owners of the six villayets, which are now conveniently and arbitrarily cartographed into Kurdish maps. This is unacceptable, and if it remains as is, the Armeno-Kurdish rapprochement is dead on arrival.

The rights of Armenians and Kurds to land and water in Anatolia was delineated by President Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations. It is a fair and just solution to our mutual concerns. Neither the Lausanne Treaty nor any other unjust treaty can erase its provisions. Gestures to renovate and return churches, which should not have been confiscated and destroyed in the first place, are welcome, but the pending issues are more complicated than celebrating Mass in the Akhtamar and Sourp Giragos churches.

The first manifesto of the Kurdish Parliament in Exile—issued in Brussels, and apologizing in the name of the Kurdish nation for the atrocities committed by the Kurdish tribes—though honest and noble in and of itself, does not materially change the situation on the ground. We, collectively, have overcome most of the psychological trauma from the murder of our parents and grandparents. Real politics rejects emotions.

History, geography, national interests, and commonality have coined an inevitable common destiny for us, from which it is impossible to divorce, unless we relinquish our rights to Western Armenia, our motherland.

Looking forward, the question begging answers is: Could there be another Xoybun?

Dr. Henry Astarjian

Dr. Henry Astarjian

Dr. Henry Astarjian was born in Kirkuk, Iraq. In 1958, he graduated from the Royal College of Medicine and went on to serve as an army medical officer in Iraqi Kurdistan. He continued his medical education in Scotland and England. In 1966, he emigrated to the U.S. In 1992, he served as a New Hampshire delegate to the Republication National Convention in Houston, Texas. For three years Astarjian addressed the Kurdish Parliament in Exile in Brussels, defending Armenian rights to Western Armenia. For three consecutive years, he addressed the American Kurds in California and Maryland. He is the author of The Struggle for Kirkuk, published by Preager and Preager International Securities.
Dr. Henry Astarjian

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  1. “The formulators of such a union must take into account the fact that part of what they call Kurdistan is Western Armenia. We are the sole owners of the six villayets, which are now conveniently and arbitrarily cartographed into Kurdish maps. This is unacceptable, and if it remains as is, the Armeno-Kurdish rapprochement is dead on arrival.”

    This is just precious. Arguing if Eastern Turkey should be Western Armenia or part of Kurdistan, lands that have been Seljuk, Ottoman and Turkish for a thousand years, where they are the ethnic majority and where the Turkish flag is planted firmly.

    Was this not the line of thought and action that brought such great disasters upon both Armenian and Kurdish people? Still continues to do so to this day.

    A good example of what happens when one’s nationalist head rises so high into the clouds that the oxygen deprevation starts to take a toll.

    • @ Murat

      One thing Turks did never learn is even though they masterminded and committed Genocide on Armnians and later massacred Kurds; they could not wipe out the identity of those lands called ‘Western Armenia’, nor wipe out the identity of people who owned those lands long before they ravaged whole Caucasus region.

      Whether Turkey can hold on denying the Genocide committhed, and deny the rightful ownership of ‘So Called’ Eastern Turkey or Kurdistan for long, we should wait and see! It is only a matter of time, nothing else!
      There was once Ottoman Empire occupying most of Europe…

      Certainly, there are disputes between Armenians and Kurds on the ownership of those six vilayets to be resolved regardless of what a Turk may think, but most importantly Turks like you should worry more about having both Armenians and Kurds claiming on SO CALLED Eastern Turkey.

    • To Murat,

      So as you say… Turks have ruled in Western Armenia for a thousand years. How did that happen? Pure and simple by conquest! Does that make it right? Said another way, if today Armenians and/or Kurds conquered Turkey all the way to Istanbul… would that be right? Would the Turks not complain to high heaven? Of course they would and of course they would have a right to do this.

      Now just consider the Armenian Genocide and how that factors into the equation. Again pure and simple, if the Turks had not committed genocide against the Armenians, well then… a much stronger case could be made on the basis of realistic military parity that the Armenians would be sovereign over Western Armenian. That they are not today is largely due to mass murder – pure and simple!

      So how about another approach, not based on might over what’s right, but just on what’s right. Namely, the restoration of Western Armenian to it’s rightful owners, the Armenians. Then, based on such a fair solution, Turks and Armenians could work together for mutual benefit. Instead, if Turks keep up the policy that has existed since the establishment of their republic they will face an ever increasing agenda (point by point grievances) on the part of Armenians to avenge the past injustices.

      One may say, that Turkey is strong enough to resist efforts by Armenians or Kurds, or others, to avenge past wrongs, but is this necessarily so, i.e. one should not be so naive to underestimate a people (Armenians and Kurds) that have a determined agenda.

  2. Go do some search… read and grow up… Turk are new in those lands… They expelled the native people from Armendian and Kurd by force and blood
    Sooner or later Kurdistan will be a country but will not be on the price of Armenia… Kurd suffered a lot in the recent history and will never do any harm to the Armenian people. What happened was a tragedy.. They used religion to push kurds to fight our brother Armenian in the past. The current situation is totally different. Kurds are not run by religion these days (that was our mistakes in the past… very unfortunately we paid a big price to it). It is the Kurdish nationalism but not as Turkish nationalism that crushed others, we respect others. KURDISTAN will be a country very soon.
    LIVE KURDISTAN and the unity between Kurd and Armenian people.

  3. Murat very conveniently forgets real WAR that was fought -after the Armenian Genocide-between nascent republics of Turkey and Armenia in 1918 and 1920.First one won by Armenia,the second one by Turkey. Kurds then,were not very much in action if at all.This part of history is very well documented in books,especially those 4 volumes of Republic of Armenia by prof. Richard G. Hovanissian. The Kurdish question since then -viz.1920-1921 Treaties of Sevres and Lausanne , has been rather dormant,albeit thosse mentioned by Dr. Henry Astarjian. Not so,however, that of Armenia,since sovietization of same Armenia forged ahead immensesly as a republic,advancing tremendously in various fields,such as industries, agriculture,sciences and arts ,not to mention many other.
    Moreover, those Western Armenians who escaped the Genocide and were driven to the Mesopotamian deserts-the remnants and orphans,rose from the ahses and in their adopted countries also flourished immensely and now have a huge count.
    Difference between the Armenian Diaspora and the Kurdish is not comparable. None the less,same applies as to comparing Kurds on their millenmia old soil with those Armenians evicted.That is ,while we command both as a Nation/State with proper army and state APPARATUS, the Kurds lack both.We have a very prosperous Diaspora (that according to me) can yet become VERY COUNTABLE INDEED,ONCE WE ESTABLISH OUR NATIONAL INVESTMENT TRUST FUND.
    Kurds have no other way out, but to stay put. Unless the truly decide to officially makle peace with Armenians,whether in Diaspora or elsewhere,they cannot effectually proceed.Turkey will crush their attempts for even autonomy.
    Exceptions granted.Such as-this is hypothetical-if main super power(s) to be in the region agree amongst themselves TO CREATE THAT INDEPENDENT OR AN AUTONMOUS KURDISTAN .Which BTW would indeed suit Armenia and Armenians(once the 6 villayet issue is resolved between Armenians and Kurds) it becoming a Buffer country-zone.Since great Turkey may also would then assent to said solution,especially if pressed to do so by afore mentioned super powers.Time will tell ,not in the very far future.For causes such as these-that are dormant and pending-are becoming of age and will take to stage. More than the kurdish cause the <ARMENIAN ONE IS OF ISSUE NOW.

  4. We took back our thousands of years’ old Armenian homeland of Artsakh.
    Your committed Genocide did not erase us & on the contrary we were reborn from its ashes much stronger.We have a proud country now.
    Your country will be divided similar to your neighbors (& the Ottoman empire) taking into consideration its diverse ethnicities of Kurds, Zaza, Laz…etc… Ethnic Turks hardly constitute half of the population…
    We have the patience & will definitely strike at the right moment & take back our homeland of Western Armenia where our ancestors are buried for 4000 years.
    We know how to fight & how to defend.

  5. Henry, An excellent article on Kurds & Armenians. I hope the Kurds learned their lessen during the 1st World War in helping the Turks to eliminate the Armenians. As we understand, the Turks promised the Kurds an autonous region after the war if they help destroy the Christian Armenians but were betrayed as usual by the Turks. Today, Armenians should continue to work in unity with the Kurds, but the Kurds whom are living on our ancestrial homeland must understand that they must move south since the Sevres Treaty is still a valid treaty and when that day comes, Kurds must create their homeland in the southern region of Turkey as well as in Syria & in Iraq where millions of Kurds live.

    • This is so comical. The world recognizes the Republic of Turkey and a bunch of 3rd grade educated folk on this board want to dissolve it. LOL. Have fun trying. There are over 100,000,000 million Turks & Azeri’s in this world. We welcome your war rhetoric. Just like last time, Russia won’t be able to save you.

      Armenia = Eastern Turkey.

      How bout dem apples

    • “over 100,000,000 million Turks & Azeri’s in this world”


      You mean 100,000,000,000,000 Turks and Azeris? Really? This world’s entire population is less than that. Where are they hiding?

      And, so what? During the Artsakh war, Azeris and their Turkish brothers outnumbered Armenians. There are other ethnic groups, too, in this world who haven’t given up on their fight for justice. How do you know that the world will not recognize a Kurdistan?

    • Gina, apparently a Turk worried about “3rd grade educated (Armenian) folk” failed to get 1st grade education in basic math.

      Turk megalomania is so potent that it works over infinite distances: even Turkish-Americans are apparently affected by its waves emanating from Ankara.

  6. As a Turkish person, I totally support independent Kurdistan. Southeastern region is the poorest and least developed parts of Turkey.Then you can deal directly with Kurds about your Western Armenia and whatever. Good riddance. This is the best solution.

  7. Mr. Astarjian
    Do not forget 700K hamshen Armenians . I am sure when the times come they will join your struggle. he he he

    • John the turk,

      Yes, you are right we have 700K Hamshen people to join us.
      A group of Lebanese Armenians went to Hopa and interviewed some Hamshen-Armenians, and guess what, not only they said they were Armenians but they did not need any translator as they could communicate fairly well. I, an Armenian from Armenia, could understand 95% of what they said. Let me know if you need the video.

  8. I am against armeno-kurdish alliance because alot of diffierence especially yours religions not true for us and I cant accept that a day will come kurdistan will accept sharia laways does armenians will accept under the sharia law ottoman style ?

  9. Just realized that no one had responded to dear Dr.H.Astarjian´s query:-
    ¨Could there be another Xoyboun?¨. It is very hard to expand on that,since at present -at least- great Turkey´s `position indicates the opposite.She will not relinquish her desire to rule over Kurds and the area they occupy.
    What is more, the other kurdish populated areas in Syria,Iran and Iraq are very much questionable as candidates,excepting Iraq´s perhaps.Latter ,rich with petroleum(Kirkuk) is at present protected more or less by the U.S.
    And indeed the kurds there are in a much different stance that in the other two countries,namely Syria and Iran.
    Thence ,one can assume major changes are not to take place in the area,unless the parties interested in such a change cooperate.
    I cannot hint more as to this conjecture.

  10. Stephen T. Dulkarian, Vtiger,

    Kürt issue is not new. They have revolted 26 times since the Ottoman times..All failed..

    as i said long time ago, i also would love to see how you ermeni and kürt people
    get along .. You know , they cut many of your heads and stole golds and settled in your homes.

    Without us Turks deporting you , they would exterminate completely. You all must be gratefull to Turks.

    About Laz people:

    You all know i am from Rize. I know Laz people very well . They are one of the most natilonalist people of Turkey. Even more than me.

    i would not suggest you go there for propaganda because they can easily lose their temper. I dont want any of you to get hurt…otherwise dont say i did not warn you..

    so, you better keep your propaganda in internet circle as before..

  11. What happened, Turk-oglu “peaceful Turkish American” Eren-Bey ?
    Decided to bare those bozkurt fangs ?

    Let’s see: Azeris claim Armenia is ‘Western Azerbaijan’; You claim ‘Armenia=Eastern Turkey’. Can you guys decide which is it, so we know what to call RoA ? ‘Republic of Armenia’ sounds so contrived: donit ?
    ‘Republic of Western Azerbaijan’ sounds so much more natural.
    (that’s a good one BTW: coming from a fake country that did not exist until 1918, and uses a stolen Iranian name to give imagined legitimacy to their fake country).

    And don’t get your hopes up with imagined “war rhetoric” from our side: Armenians are not going to get involved in any fight with Turkey. Others will do it. We will watch from the sidelines – as Turkey is dismembered from inside. You worry about ethic Turks, who are the minority inside Turkey (and Azerbaijan): what will happen when those whom Turks have oppressed and humiliated for decades gain the upper hand ?

  12. Hamshen necati,you did not come to Armenia.I wanted to show you your pedestal space in the Dzidzernagapert Genocide museum for the last denialist.Only 3 people left competing for this space.So keep up your work you hero hiding behind the monitor.
    You live in Ankara & pretend to know the Laz people?Don’t go far & just look at the suburbs of Ankara…it’s all Kurdish ghetto.Btw Ankara is also included in the Kurdish maps.
    At least the exiled Kurdish parliament had the decency & apologised for the murders/massacres committed by their forefathers.
    However this does not mean we trust anybody but ourselves.

  13. W/ref to my above longer post,I did -at the end-mention that our CAUSE is or will shortly become AN ISSUE.It certainly behooves all Armenian community country collectivitites to contemplate and decide what next.
    Firstly only a month away from April 24th the 97th Anniversary of our Genocide ,when again we shall remember our martyrs propeerly no doubt,with one difference though.That of the 100th Anniversary drawing closer, reminding us that our BAHANJADIRUTYUN (C L A I M) for final justice requires full attention.
    Firstly, in order to be in a position to do so we HAVE TO FORM INTO RANK & FILE.
    For this the ¨suggested¨ novelty by this servant of the Armenian people is and has been(advocating for yrs) FORMATION INTO ¨ PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES ASSOCIATIONS¨. Five on the scene already:-The Health/Medical, The Engineersw& Sci,The BAR,The Sportive and Jewellers(laater to enlap all furnishings).Ten more are reqjuired.I´ve mentioned these in my ¨papers¨many times is within these Assoc. that the so far un-organized HUGE Collectivigties of our working people in said fields will mingle together,learn from ea other, shape up a new Modality of Esprit de Corps and FORGE AHEAD immensely more and with the FEW Objectives outlined in myu “papers”…please read me ,if you so kindly wish in ……. *click on Users articles *top left corner..
    OUR MAIN OBJECTIVES, you will note ,aside from above Formation that automatically takes care of a Larger scope of CIVIL SOCIETY,both in Diaspora and Homeland*these days they are busy ,like many countries with Elections,which are ,you know how administered….Whereas in my latest psot soon on that web site you ‘ll learn of my ….”\A NEW CONCEPT OF LECTORAL SYSTEM AND GOVERNANCE…
    2.This will be the Second Objective that of Creation of the “”NATIONAL INVESSTMENT TRUST FUND” ,no not in Homeland, but in Diaspora,in Geneva.Let us no deceive ourselves, The more than half of which IS THERE TO STAY…This should be well thought of and accepted.Then from that FUND.
    3. Organize the REPATRIATION, based on Long term Loans by said FUND.In my theory the FIVE main Branches of the Supreme *future( Council( is the one in Moscow that will deal with the Repatriation issue ,the near abroad.
    These two ought to be our MOST IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVES.By the PCA’s,Prof. Colleagues Assoc. Once formed and Fund there in Geneva.Nucleus of same by our magnates.There may be yet another solution .But that once we have attained these two objectives….

  14. necati,I did not invite you & on the contrary you had invited yourself remember or already suffering from amnesia?
    At nights you said… & at nights Yerevan is very beautiful.I’ll be waiting for you with open arms with or without notice.Then I’ll send you to your beloved Baku via Artsakh…no free space in Armenia…

    • Vtiger ,

      Karabagh is and was always a Turkish land.. Armenian presence in Karabagh is illegal..

      i will come , take it , and enjoy..

    • Necati,

      I think you have to be banned from posting in this forum. Not because you are a ultranationalast Turk filled with hatred and racism, but because of the extreme degree of mental deficiency that you are suffering.

    • One pointless comment after another. You are right. It’s high time to get your stupid self to Baku, both physically and mentally. I am sure, your “intellectual” contributions will be much higher appreciated there. And don’t come back, please.

  15. We must be pragmatic in our cause. Armenian assistance to Kurdish autonomy will grant us Western Armenia- than let it be done. I dont think there’s anyone on here who would want to formally kick the Kurds out of our land once it’s back under our jurisdiction.

    On the contrary Armenia should exploit the ethnic grievances in Anatolia for our own cause, many proponents will disagree due to the Kurds involvement in the genocide, but the fact is (and this is where im pragmatic) Western Armenia is no longer full of Armenians, it’s full of Kurds. Kurds who have grievance against Anakara for denying them of their identity or granting them a unique western form of autonomy. Armenia can use this grievance wisely if it conducts its policy rationally. The Turks used the Kurds to remove Armenians from their homeland, cannot the same be done to the Turks now. And cannot Kurds live along side Armenians once Turkish rule has been dissolved?

    • I think this idea is a realistic one- I think it’s reasonable to expect more from Kurds than Turks. However, and I may be wrong, in the event your scenario I see one problem. As you say, Western Armenia/Eastern Turkey, whatever you want to call is majority Kurdish at the moment. If Armenians and Kurds work together to get Western Armenia back, then what? Will it be Armenian land, or Kurdish land? Will there be a compromise? Once the common enemy- Turkey is removed from this picture, what will hold this Kurdish-Armenian alliance together? Religion?-no. Culture?- not really.

      Also, as you said, I don’t think Armenians would ever kick Kurds out of Western Armenia if they ever get it back, but if Kurds will be living, with perhaps autonomy in then Armenian lands, what’s in it for them? Going living in Turkey to living in Armenia with perhaps greater freedoms. Yes, Armenians had their homeland taken from them by Turks, but Kurds had theirs taken by Turks, Persians, and Arabs. Thinking like this is both realistic and flawed. You use the word “exploit” in your post- so essentially you want to use Kurdish hatred and nationalism to benefit the Armenian cause. That’s not how alliances/friendships are formed. Turkey did EXACTLY that to the Kurds in 1915. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice…

    • RVDV,

      If that blessed day will ever come Armenians and Kurds can make an agreement: Armenians cannot realistically get all the Western Armenia but part of it. It can be easily shared between Armenians and Kurds and some other Christians that were deported and killed by Ottoman Turks, namely Assyrians and Syriac/Arameans. Since Assyrians and Syriac/Arameans most likely will not participate in the struggle, they will not be granted a land of their own, but they will be invited to live in peace with Kurds and Armenians in the land of our and their ancestors.
      .Armenia is not a fascistic country like Turkey and treats its minorities very well. It is true that many Ezdis have immigrated from Armenia, as many Armenians have done, but it was due to socioeconomic conditions.

  16. Exploit is not necessarily the word that’s right to use, sounds like we’re creating a conspiracy almost, but still it remains there is animosity towards one group that we happen to share with- to put it bluntly- the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Now once again we Armenians must be pragmatic in the sense that we know when we get back our old lands it will be full of plenty non-Armenians, even Turks- and how will we deal with them? I think we can create a pluralistic, multiethnic society with Turks, Kurds, hell even Georgians and Russians. If we want to create a homogenized state of only Armenians we’ll never get our land back. That quote from the Bible suites this circumstance well .”And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

    We want Armenians living in Western Armenia not under the jurisdiction of Ankara. If we need to create some multi-ethnic state- so be it *for the time! But we all know the potential of our own people, and we now our own destiny if we have the means to seek it, so i would not worry about living beside the Kurds.

  17. To Armenians
    If Kurds take you as an ally or a community to help your great goal, they must be stupid as you do not exist in Anatolia and your presence hardly exist in Caucaus. Basically, you can not make a positive or negative contribution to the Kurdish nationalist. It may be disappointing but it is the truth. all these efforts can do is to diminish your presence further

  18. Hamshen necati, come to Artsakh but guarantee your return as well whether on foot or lifted.That’s what corrupt Aliyev keeps on barking but can’t take action as he knows very well that it will be & his can’s downfall.
    Lately the fumes of gas & oil fields of Baku have reached & polluted the Artsakhi clean fresh air.We’re waiting for your move to resolve this issue in a final manner.

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