Turkish Rights Group: Unite Against Genocide Denial, Not Against France

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)—On Dec. 22, the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of Turkey’s Human Rights Association issued a press release and initiated a signature campaign calling on Turks to unite against genocide denial, not against the French Parliament. Below is the full text of the release. The Turkish version is available on the group’s website.

Turkish Rights Group: Let’s Unite Against Genocide Denial, Not Against France.


Broad segments of Turkish society seem to be united against the bill penalizing the denial of genocide, which will be discussed on Dec. 22, 2011 in the French Parliament [Editor’s note: The bill has since passed]. The Turkish state’s denial and threats are supported by business and consumer associations and civil society. Turkey’s intelligentsia is also speaking against the bill. The common argument for all these sectors against France is “freedom of expression”; they are arguing that banning the denial of the Armenian Genocide undermines freedom of expression.

We, the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association of Turkey’s Committee Against Racism and Discrimination declare that the denial of a crime against humanity such as genocide has nothing to do with freedom of expression.

The denial of the annihilation of a nation—with its entire social fabric, professions, works of art, and historical heritage—by the state itself, intentionally and in a planned manner, means endorsing the crime and justifying such violence. Therefore, denial of genocide cannot be considered within the boundaries of freedom of speech. It constitutes violence against the grandchildren of genocide survivors  in Turkey and elsewhere in the world and against the memory of the genocide victims. The European Court of Human Rights in many cases has ruled that freedom of expression is not applicable to expressions of violence.

The UN General Assembly adopted the Convention for Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in December 1948 and the Convention came into force in January 1951. Since that day, Holocaust denial has been punished in many countries with fines and prison sentences.

The punishment of Holocaust denial entails fines and prison sentences of up to 20 years in Austria, fines and up to 1 year imprisonment in Belgium, 6 months to 2 years imprisonment in the Czech Republic, a fine and 5-month prison sentence in Germany, a fine and 1 month to 2 years imprisonment in France, a 3-4-year prison sentence in Italy, and a fine and 1-10-year prison sentence in Lithuania. In other words, punishment for genocide denial is neither new nor specific to France.

On Feb. 1, 2011, the Reis-ul Ulema (Grand Mufti) of Bosnian Muslims, Mustafa Cerić, during a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp together with a group of 150—comprised of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish delegations—said that those who denied the Holocaust or the genocide of Muslims in Srebrenica should be treated as accomplices in the crime.

One argument progressive intellectuals use against the French bill banning denial is the memory of Hrant Dink, who was opposed to the passage of such laws. We believe it is wrong to base one’s opinion on today’s French bill on the views expressed years ago by Hrant Dink, who was assassinated as a result of collaboration between the state’s special war apparatus and fascist elements. Not only is it absurd to speculate on what Hrant Dink would think today, but it is fundamental to the freedom of thought—something the intellectuals uphold as sacred—that people should have the right to develop their own independent opinions, free of others’ guidance.

In conclusion, we invite the NGOs, the business organizations, such as the Union of Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Association of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen, opinion makers, and intellectuals to stop campaigning against the French Parliament and work for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, the Assyrian Genocide, and the ethnic cleansing of the Greeks by the state and society.

Human Rights Association, Istanbul Branch
The Committee Against Racism and Discrimination


  1. The IHO is just simply a leftist/socialist/Marxist organization who is willing to sell the national soviergnty of the Republic of Turkey to imperialist powers that are bent up in vilifying everything Turkish. The IHO does not believe in the principles of democracy and human rights, they are into selling their rear ends to politicians in the EUSSR who wan’t to enslave countries via leftism and political correctness. Trying to bring out more facts on the table is not “denial.” The Armenian issue needs more debate, pro “Hye Tahd” activists need to stop hypocritically squealing about the supression of free speech, yet they need to stop trying to supress free speech when reputable scholars like Stanford Shaw, Samuel Weems, Bernard Lewis, Henry Levi, and others of that variety make points, they try to label these people as “denialists” and go even as far as vilifying these honest scholars and claiming they are bankrolled by pro-Turkey lobbyists.

    Any form of debate cannot be supressed, in order to find a peaceful solution to the Turkish-Armenian conflict. Turkey should have free speech and lift 301, and pro-Armenian lobbyists should not supress free speech, should not hesitate further debate, and open their totally sealed shut archives which are hidden from the public. They are afraid of giving up territorial claims, but the thing is they should give up the land claims.

    Why are giving up the land claims important? Because this will stop Armenians from asking more and more land, which will cause Armenia to plot to wipe Turkey off the map, it will prevent endless bloodshed and it will prevent hatred and anguish between two cultures. By dropping claims of territory, it will promote dialogue between world cultures, peace, harmony, development of democracy, stability in the region, and actually, build not a Turkish Democratic State, but an Armenian Democratic State as well and flourishing democracy all over the world for many centuries to come.

    • hahahahahhaha “Samuel Weems” is a reputable scholar?! Yeah, someone who writes a book calling a member state of the UN a “Terrorist State” is clearly soooo objective. What a joke you are, Yilmaz.

      Hey buddy, Armenia has signed to the protocols and has *forever* wanted to normalize relations WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS. Why is your government so scared to do so? All it had to do was ratify the protocols. This “land claims” thing you keep hiding behind is a straw man. It ain’t coming from Yerevan. It ain’t coming from most of us here, either.

      Oh, and regarding Stanford Shaw, he does a very peculiar thing: he accurately describes the new Young Turk nationalism that called for a mono-ethnic mono-religious state devoid of Christian minorities, yet fails to entertain the thought that this new nationalism would influence the government’s actions during the war. Either stupid or wilfully ignorant, take your pick, dude.

  2. Thank you, Human Rights Association, Istanbul Branch! What a lovely Christmas present to know such courage to speak the truth and advocate for the truth exists in Turkey today.

    I have expressed elsewhere on this site, my doubts about the Turkish people’s ability to come to terms with their history, but this gives me new hope. Can there be a better and more fitting Christmas present than hope?

  3. Human Rights Association, Istanbul Branch is sending the right message. Turkey should focus their ire on 90 years of genocide denial and inhumanity and not the French Government.

    • As a person who has a father who is a 2nd Generation Turkish American (technically making me 1/2 Turkish from my dad’s side), I will have the courage to defend a part of my heritage against Armenian slanderers who are bent up in not only trying to wipe off Turkey from the map, but vilifying everything Turkish. They have started a full fledged Al-Qaida like war against the nation of Turkey, the people of Turkey, and everything Turkish. Turkey and the Turkish people want peace and normalization of relations, but if they want to warmonger, the Turkish people have the right to defend itself, as well as the Turkish Nation.

    • I thought NEcati Pasha was messed up in his head.. but i was wrong.. Necati has a brother .. Spencer Yilmaz who speaks nonsense just like Necati.. they must havegone to the same school or had the same teacher..very sad

  4. One has to listen to the lectures of this bagpipe “Spencer” Yilmaz, for just fun. Yilmaz, go find another business. Yours is a lost cause. Just like the case of Alevi Kurds, the time will come Erdogan or some other Turkish statesman will offer appology to Armenians as well.

  5. Thank you!

    Recognize the Christian Genocide 1915!
    Apologize to the Armenians/Assyrians/Syriacs/Pontiac Greeks/Chaldeans and Nestorians!

    I am ashamed for the Kurds involved in this dirty Genocide. They was Ottoman Puppets and thugs!

    Long live Christianity in Armenia, Kurdistan and the rest of the Middle East.

  6. Spencer Yilmaz,

    Who’s the hypocrite? Who’s the one suppressing human rights and freedom of speech? Turkey has been doing these for decades, and still killing people in Dersim and Kurdish villages after the founding of the republic.

    Turkey still has its most important and relevant archives under lock and key. And according to Wikileaks disclosure of US diplomatic cables, these archives may have been cleansed of incriminating documents (in addition to the documents already destroyed at the end of WWI).

    The Turkish government instituted an official policy of denial and silence for the whole country. At one point it used to claim no Armenians were killed at all. Over the years, the Armenian description of the genocide has stayed consistent but Turkey’s “version” has been a grudging admission of the existence of Armenians and that there were deaths. Armenian and non-Armenian scholars had to do research without Turkey’s participation. Evidence from non-Armenian and non-Turkish archives have been put forth and a description of genocide has emerged. Turkey is late to this “debate” because it chose to hide and actively supress discussion and thus actually look guilty.

    What facts do you expect to come out from the Turkish and other sources Spencer? Do you know what’s in those archives?

    Turkey even stopped the making of “40 Days of Musa Dagh” into a movie in the 1930s. This was before WWII and before the word genocide was created. Why? Turkey wanted what happened to the Armenians hidden even back then.

    As best as I know, the archives of Republic of Armenia open and date only back to 1918, after the main thrust of the genocide came to an end.

    Those scholars you listed are only allowed access to the Turkish archives because of their pro-Turkey stance.

  7. yilmaz and his denialist co-horts should give up their desperate dreams of Armenians ever giving up their land claims. I’m planning the flower garden I’m going to plant around my miother’s house in mountainous Armenia. Does anyone know how to clean out a tonir where cattle have @#%$^ for 90 years? I want to bake bread again in my grandmother’s oven. I’m going to plant barley in my grandfather’s fields. The winds of change are blowing with hurricane speed.

    • J the Turk (you don’t deserve the name John..).. guess you will have a nice dream yourself when things will turn upside down for you denialists very soon.. the world will not cave into your govt threats anymore.. so you keep dreaming my messed up Turkish denialist.

  8. hahahahahhaha “Samuel Weems” is a reputable scholar?! Yeah, someone who writes a book calling a member state of the UN a “Terrorist State” is clearly soooo objective. What a joke you are, Yilmaz.

    Hey buddy, Armenia has signed to the protocols and has *forever* wanted to normalize relations WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS. Why is your government so scared to do so? All it had to do was ratify the protocols. This “land claims” thing you keep hiding behind is a straw man. It ain’t coming from Yerevan. It ain’t coming from most of us here, either.

    Oh, and regarding Stanford Shaw, he does a very peculiar thing: he accurately describes the new Young Turk nationalism that called for a mono-ethnic mono-religious state devoid of Christian minorities, yet fails to entertain the thought that this new nationalism would influence the government’s actions during the war. Either stupid or wilfully ignorant, take your pick, dude.

  9. Bravo to righteous Turks who have the courage to tell it as it is. Despite the justified hostility most Armenians bear toward Turkey, Armenians have no problem revealing that many Turkish individuals saved the lives of Armenians during the genocide. These Turks did so knowing that they were endangering their own lives. Turks, who signed the Istanbul human rights statement, show similar courage and integrity. Bravo again.

    • Jirair jan.. true.. Armenians have NO hostility nor hatred toward ALL Turkish people.. we welcome and willing to kiss their foreheads if they consider themselves humans first then Turks….. I can’t stand the notorious nationalists denialists lik the ones we see on our forums….

    • I would like to add that Armenia has good relations with most of the Turkic states. Only Turkey and Azerbaijan are hostile to Armenia.

    • Will you stop complaining R the Turk (again a Christian name that does not really deserve you) I for one am not interested to hear your point of view.. I am sure many who know you very well want the same…we have established that many moons ago.. we all know what a denialist is going to say.. and for your own information, as we said this million times and maybe you simply don’t read or comprehend very well.. IT IS NOT ONLY YOUR comments that do not get posted.. it happens to everyone .. including ARmenians.. so your “cry me the river” does not really pass… you are not that important.. get over yourself..

  10. Every time we witness enlightened Turkish commentary , it is not only energizing, but also motivates thousands of Armenians that we must continue until justice is served. Take a look at the debate going on in the Turkish press over this French bill to see the value. More and more Turks are inspired to find the courage to speak out and insist that their government come to term with their history. The Armenian genocide issue aside for a moment, they understand Turkey will only move forward when it reconciles with its deceit.
    It is in their interest to acknowledge the genocide. Their fear? of course the “r” words….reparations and restitution. It is incredible, as Perouz has stated, what the winds of change are enabling. We know that Sarkozy has an election forthcoming and has issues with Turkey viv a vis the EU, but if Armenia can benefit from being in the “interests” of a friend, then so be it. That is how the game is played. For too long, Armenians have not been in anyone”s “interests”
    Doesn’t that kind of summarize how we went from Sevres to Lausanne?
    Stay strong brother and sisters… our day is on the horizon.

  11. Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of Turkey’s Human Rights Association, keep on the good job, you did give me a new hope for a better future in Asia Minor.

    • Amen to that Armen jan.. I agree.. May God give them patience, courage and motivation to continue their good deed..

  12. “J the Turk (you don’t deserve the name John..).. ”

    Jack KalpakYAN,
    Etyen MahcupYAN,
    Jirair TutunYAN
    deserve their names ?

    BTW: What is your real name ?

  13. Truth has many sides. When Armenian natioalists manage to look in a mirror also, then there will be hope for a reconciliation. It will not happen as a result of a hate and murder campaign for sure.

    • no kidding Turk-oglu Murat: Turkish truth has many, many, many sides.
      As in, “Turks are never at fault”: there is always a plausible explanation for exterminating unarmed Armenian civilians.

      pregnant Armenian women cut open by Türk asker must have many sides to the story. Maybe the unarmed, pregnant Armenian women attacked armed Turk soldiers and tried to kill them: what do you think, Murat ? Is that one of the sides to the Turkish truth ?

  14. Glad to read today the news of yet another church in (Kumkapi) Istanbul now open to worship after renovation. You may indeed find it objectionable that government officials were there for the photo opportunity but the fact remains that every time one of these doors open and buildings are again live and respected, we come back closer to each other yet again. As a member of a family long established in Istanbul, I know my city would not have been so beautiful had it not been for the magnificent works of Sinan, the Balyans and countless other nameless Armenian masters. I am not alone in this view. What some of the contributors here will not appreciate is how alien and how objectionable the ranting, raving, rabid “racists” are to the bulk of the Turkish population. Despite some of the local printed media’s best efforts social media activity over the pasr week is clear evidence that the local population, especially the young, have no tolerance for prejudice and dogma and they simply refused to be provoked over the French vote.

  15. Sorry correct his name Adali…

    Adali: I wish all humans speak like you … you should educate them…
    We the Armenians are not religious …
    We have faith in every religion and respect
    I know Quran more than our bible
    We all will die as been said in Quran ” Soorat Al Nissa: 78″
    “Aynama takoono Yadrokookoom almout…walaw kuntoom fe broojen musshyada”
    To mean “Where ever you live, you will die even if you live in strong palaces”
    Those days ‘The Soora’ proved its say for the Tyrants of Arabian springs.

    “To die with god’s will, is fair…
    But to die with unfair hands
    Without any reason
    Is tremendously unfair…
    No one can forget …
    Even after decades
    This doesn’t mean hate
    This means to teach others
    To behave…and to be fair…!”


  16. Adali: re the church that you write opened in Istanbul yesterday – Is there a Turkish flag on, or in, it? What about an Armenian cross on top? Is there one there? Are there photos of your pashas, past or present, on the walls, or are there paintings of Christ and disciples? Is there an altar, a baptismal font, Armenian hymn books? Is it listed as a tourist attraction in your brochures, a museum? Are you charging tourists that go to see it? Who has the keys to it- our priests or your beauracracy?

  17. Dear Perouz, the church in question is called Vortvoks Vorodman. It was renovated with public funds as well as private, all part of the Istanbul 2010 programme. Ofcourse the politicians made an absolute meal of it and all sorts of dignataries were dragged along for the show including the Chief Rabbi and the Greek Orthodox Patriarch. Aram Atesyan apparently presided over the ceromies, standing in for Mesrob II. Reading the local news sites from all corners of politics it is obvious that the renovation was a labour of love and devotion for those involved. How the politicians try to angle it can not take away from the significance and the splendour of their achievement. I understand from the article that the first worship was a baptism. I have Greek friends who brought their sons from NY to be baptised in Fener, so as much as the ceremony does not relate to me, I understand the significance of it. May that have been the first of many to take place under that dome and may our doors never again be shut to each other.

    • Adali, you give me hope. I hope that you are not disappointed in the future. Good luck. And thank you for posting here.

  18. Necati,

    I hope ” John” knows “John chapter 5:24″…you can share and help “John The Turk” as well!! Your Turkish ancestors knew about “John” by heart, way before Allah’s invaders…may be “John The Turk” slowly finding his real roots!!

  19. Do We Need Historian To Prove Our Pains and Define As Law
    All We Passed And Still passing Are Not Enough To prove…????

    We are the offspring of genocided race
    Do we need a Law
    To tell us how many of our grandparents were slayed (slain)…?
    We are alive still breathing everyday genocided stories
    Let Turks open their courts
    We will arrive there with the help of United Nations
    Not to be killed like our grandparents
    Like Hrant Dink …As we have children to raise

    Let them call all Populace who left their lands
    Their homes their carpets, their golds, their bookshelves …
    We will arrive …Paying our travel tickets from our sweat
    To show the universe what they did to our
    Innocent dedicated race
    Who build their palaces…minarets …

    Let every one know
    We are still alive …ready to confess
    They are reaching to block, our books, our journals
    Threatening even Muslim Arabs not to write about them …s…

    They want to gag all the mouths
    Telling Truth Speakers …Slanders
    Is there any genes like them …?

    Which century are we living …!
    This is the Internet Century …
    Nothing can be slayed by their scimitars …

    God bless who create the internets
    To know about million ‘Hidden Armenians’
    Who are suffering still
    To know about Hemshins who lost their religion their place
    Who are still can’t speak who are they …
    Like the Lawyer Fathiya Cetin and many others

    The count is endless …
    If the courts opened …they will fill all the courts
    There will be no place for them to live
    Because Armenians were never minorities but majorities
    Still filled with honesty with artful grace…

    Giving for all other nations who welcomed them
    And all will continue to give…
    As their heart is full of love
    No one can slay that gifted genes…


  20. No one wants to wipe out Turkey.All we want for our reparation is a recognition of the genocide and the armenian territories of Igdir ,Kars Ardahan and Artvin.
    These armenian territories were included in the First independent republic of
    Armenian in 1918.
    If you want facts of the Genocide go check the military archives of Germany,
    all the facts are there. The Germans were the allies of Turkey at the time of the
    massacres and the officers were filming all the massacres of armenians.

  21. Very few immediately picked up the ¨sugar coated¨ post of Yilmaz!!!
    I guess only really Gayane..Bravo to you Gayane!!!! you are smart and meticulous
    Turks here or anywhere in the world are not to be taken very quickly,when they FIRST BEGIN ,in order to attract and TRAP PAREMID HAYES…into their Ottoman Trukish WEB…then they give it to them straight in the gutts…like above.
    >I like you Gayane will measure at least TWICe what these latter day ottoman Turkish politically motivated(who knows ,also agents of that fascist state)are trying to achieve here on this site or similar.
    They are not to be trusted.
    In order to explain further what I think of these ..to begin with when they saw their ,say Necati like are uncovered then they thrown in the next agent..Yilmaz…etc.,
    Now then please be aware that they will not cease doing their ugly job.
    They are to cover up at any cost their ancestors criminals deeds…
    BECAUSE THEY KNOW BETTER THAN THOSE PAREMID HAYES..that if they are stripped naked then their non existant but fakely presented prestige or so called INTELLECTUALS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVE THAT THEY HAVE A GOOD SIDE TOO.
    .EVERMORE OS AS THEY STILL TRY TO defend them and try to justify that these were not acts that were premeditated….
    I do not trust any of them whether under guize of a professor that speaks reads write better than an Englishman!!!
    Only those who come and GO on their knees lik Jemal pashas grandson at Tzitzernakapert, in Yerevan Armenia are to be pardoned….
    Because by so doing they show to world that they have repented what their grandfathers did to us Armenians…
    Añll otheers , are not to be trusted.

  22. Please excuse my above badly typed(angrily) post.
    My dear compatriots.I HAVE COME TO FOLLOWING CONCLUSION!!!!
    Those Turks that pretend or actually do accept what their ancestors have done to our nation…..MUST COME TO KNEEL AT TZITZERNAKAPERT…
    Be filmed like Jemal pasha´s grandosn was….there..
    Not bla bla bla…
    Or going and delivering speeches at various U.s. EU universities and to public at large that they do understand what transpired but then……
    You follow what I mean???? trying to somehow justify partially at least their bloodthirsty ancestors who brought that Enormous Genocide on us…Evicting our ancestors from centuries old HABITAT…
    Please tell this to those pretenders and if they are not able to travel that far or near. Then ask them to come TO ARMENIAN SYMPOSIUMS.SEMINARS that are dealing with Genocide penetrated on us and there BEG PARDON!!!

  23. richard
    why not ask for cilicia and other six our beloved Armenian provinces.If you do you have nothing to loose. Even you may claim that istanbul is an armenian land as Tigran the Great might have viisited

  24. “Kurdish deputy Zana says autonomy not enough for Kurds”

    {28 December 2011 / TODAYSZAMAN.COM,
    Leyla Zana, a deputy from Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), has argued that although Kurds initially wanted autonomy, they now think this is not enough, calling for a referendum on independence for Kurds.}

    Remember, only a few years ago this same MP Zana was jailed for speaking Kurdish. No Fascist Turk at the time could have imagined that some time in the future Ms. Zana would openly talk of independence for Kurds. And Turks can’t touch her now.

    The time is fast approaching: Independent Kurdistan.
    And a much smaller Türkiye.
    Let’s see you Genocidal Turks attempt to exterminate 25 million Kurds.
    Maybe when the shooting starts, Israel will start giving Kurds advanced weapons and support – what do you think ?

    Or maybe they already are: how do you suppose 200 hundred or so PKK were able to infiltrate Turkey undetected with heavy weapons and kill 24 TSK troops in hours long battles ? Maybe they had intelligence help from some advanced country ? And remember the 3 Turk engineers that were working on Turk AF IFF systems: found murdered. Who do you think did it ?

    And yeah, all those PKK that Turks AF supposedly killed were mostly innocent Kurd villagers. The latest murder of 35 innocent Kurds by TAF is proof that Kurds were telling the truth when they claimed Turks were bombing Kurd villages, not PKK camps.

    Chickens are coming home to roost, Genocidal Turks.
    You WILL pay for the murder of 2 million of our Armenian ancestors.

  25. Avery,
    You forgot to add up Kurdish population of Iraq and Syria, which will be Turkish new nightmare!! Their Israeli made drones become defective and worthless in Iraq, Kobra Super copters falling down like a super ball !! This coming new Year, Necati and his friends should start drinking French made “halal raki” with Turkish goat cheese and melon in a romantic, mystique, Türkiye…I can see a new moon shining on top and a twinkle winkle little star smiling, over Necati and his warrior friends!!


  26. Avery
    I do not think in the longterm it is possible that Turkey can go smaller. even if it does it won’t be Armenian’s favour. I would be happy to give 1 or 2 crap provinces to Kurds and deport the Kurdish population from the rest of Turkey. If this happens, Turks will think about how to knock down Armenia rather than how to deal with Kurds.Whatever your scenario is it won’t be too bad for Turks but too bad for Armenians.

    Note; check out what was the situation in 90’s and now then come back and try to spew your valuable venom

  27. john the turk
    You and turks like you “think about how to knock down Armenia rather than how to deal with Kurds…”. Doesn’t that show your deep hatred and venom towards Armenians? Be sure that hatred is bound to hurt you more than those whom you hate.
    Secondly, as far as I know the situation in the 90’s to which you refer was such that your “kardash Azarbaijan” lost Armenian Artsakh (Karabakh) to their rightful owners and your “Great” Turkey, despite spewing venom and deafening threats couldn’t do a damn thing.

  28. john the Turk: “Even you may claim that istanbul is an armenian land as Tigran the Great might have viisited”

    Silly. Constantinople belongs to Greece, everyone knows that.

    The nice Turks can stay where they are and live in peace, the racist ones should be deported back to Mongolia where the Turks came from. Then we’ll carve the turkey like it’s Thanksgiving. Armenia, Kurdistan and Greece all get a slice.

  29. Arshag,
    Few really express hate.What we do is STATE facts,that are hard for them to swallow.Thence ¨the heated¨ dialogue here!
    True ,you are right,but we cannot stop the train!!
    We must hammer in our objectives:-
    1.COME AND KNEEL AND LAY FLOWERS AT TZITRZERNAKAPERT,RA.Like grandson of jemal Pasha did. or if you cannot ravel,then at any Armenian Gathering in any Euro-American township city…that easy!!!!
    Just writing and argueing that you accept it HALF WAY,like some of your intellectuals do nOT ENGOUGH,it is Incognito,Unclear,Say it out LOUD!!!
    2.I agree with your NK was liberated from Azeris.No need to trumpet that and make them wrathfull. Their Khers is famous,it is in their blood /nature…
    Who does not no about Constantinople? that is why I call it no Istanbul,but Istanbulla…..
    Right now we have more important issues to attend to get really re organized,for we are not!!(I don´t mind or care if their agents here there are listening in…we do not as yet have Clout,Concentrated Economic POWER..
    What Armenia fund is , is like a little toy compared with what I have in…
    http://www.armeniannews.info site.Please visit and read me there in Users Artiocles.Thanks,

  30. gaytzag,
    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand some of your statements. What do you mean by “Few really express hate.”? or “your are right, but we cannot stop the train.”?
    All we see here is hate in its most obnoxious form coming from some Turks like Necati, john the turk and their bunch.
    Please be a bit clearer and more explicit. Otherwise, we can’t get good results from our free exchange of views.

  31. John The Turk,

    Hagia Sofia should be renovated, all Islamic cover up should be removed, where Church built by civilized Christian nation of Byzantine for their faithful citizens of Eastern Roman Empire in 5-th century. Nomadic Turks still were riding their horses around Altai mountain and waiting for Allah’s messenger approval for a new style Jihadism against Christian Anatola in Asia Minor and Greek citizens of Byzantine Empire!!You deserved to learn the history of your own country outside of Turkey without interference of penal code 301!!

  32. Arshag,
    Sorry if I did not explain well. I mean to say that these Efendis(Turks)write that We ,us Armenians express our hate. I repeat we DO NOT EXPRESS HATE.We write about facts,insist upon facts.
    As to braking our speed(train) towards recognition and restitution,we cannot stop our train.this is to be sped further with vigor in all instances.
    I previoously wrote start the official All Armenian Claim at ICJ at the Hague.
    For just by writing articles and discussing our pain here or there ,is not much of a remedy.The Trauma needs to be attended to .
    We have been trying that ,as well as the angry Armenian young men in another fashion. Now it is time to take it up very OFFICIALLY.
    i BELIEVE ALL HERE OR ON ANY OTHER SITE,establishments press etc.,will grant that the ARMENIAN BAR ASSOCIATION with over 500 members is capable of presenting a reduced group of theirs, preferrably indeed experts in International Law, Criminal >Law ,prepare Claim and then lodge it at above Court, with copies to U.N. and other related entities.
    there are a few of latter.

  33. Perouz and all my dear Armenian compatriots: so refreshing and inspiring are your/our wishes and strong beliefs on returning back to our houses, cleaning up them from dust and dirt ( physical, moral …) in our lost Homeland-Western Armenia and revive the fire in our dead tonirs. I was in Turkey last summer and I felt the homeland is orphaned… and I felt terrible. I wish I am now in the garden of my grandparents in Mousa Ler, pick up fresh oranges, figs and pomegranates from my grandpas’ plantations, as they always used to do. I am sure we all WILL. WE NEED JUST a slight bit more of patience.

    • Armenuhi our Real Princess…
      I love your imagination
      One day must turn true
      In life nothing is impossible
      the earth turns round
      One day for me
      Another day for you…

      If you want the real justice to prevail
      In your own simple, innocent way…!
      Thus, You should act valorous,
      Against those who wants to dumb
      The truthful facts in sands…

      January 12, 2012

  34. “J the Turk (you don’t deserve the name John..).. guess you will have a nice dream yourself when things will turn upside down for you denialists very soon.. the world will not cave into your govt threats anymore.. so you keep dreaming my messed up Turkish denialist.”

    Yeah France just got downgraded, I am starting to wonder if they are really going to go forward with passing the bill.

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