Fundraiser for CNF Held in NY

NEW YORK (A.W.)–On Sept. 14, Virginia L. Davies and Willard B. Taylor held a fundraiser for the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) at their Manhattan home. Several members of the Armenian community and others gathered to hear CNF’s executive director, David Morrison, speak about the “unsung environmental crisis” of the destruction of the Caucasus’ ecosystem.

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CNF is a conservation trust fund established to protect the region. The Caucasus is considered to be one of the most biologically rich and diverse areas on earth, home to more than 1,650 indigenous plants and animals and nine different climate zones, according to CNF. Yet, the region’s protected areas are severely under funded, jeopardizing the environmental and economic wealth of the region, and making extinction a reality for many species. One of the organization’s main initiatives is to protect national parks and nature reserves by matching grants and local capacity building. CNF aims to support 15 parks covering 1.5 million acres in Armenia and Georgia by 2015.

Morrison expressed his gratitude for the support CNF has received from Georgians, Armenians, and Americans.

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