5,900-Year-Old Dress Found in Armenia

YEREVAN—Archaeologists have found parts of a woman’s colorful dress that they say dates back 5,900 years, reported AFP.

The dress is made from straw material and “is the only example of clothing made of such an ancient vegetable material,” Pavel Avetisian, the director of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology at Armenia’s Academy of Sciences, told AFP.

It was dated by scientists at the University of California, and is currently being restored, according to Avetisian.

The dress was found in the Areni cave where recent excavations have yielded what archaeologists say is the world’s oldest known leather shoe, about 5,500 years old, and a 6,100-year-old winery.


  1. Let me take a wild guess.  Our Turkish guest, Haji Bob, will post a comment claiming the dress belonged to his ,great…great…great…great…..great….great…great…Uncle.  I would not be suprised.  Anything possible.

  2. Truly amazing, well done the devoted archaeologists. And I thought my clothes and shoes were old…
    Nice comment Jay.

  3. Ohh my Armenia is soo old and ancient. Soo proud of it. Also oldest shoe was found there. Dont i wish more people knew about this amazingly beautiful and old country

  4. We have now only postage stamp piece of our old country. hayastan ou Artsag. Glory to our God, Long live Armenia.

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