Hamazkayin Cultural Festival in NJ a Smash Hit

LODI, N.J. (A.W.)–On Sun., Nov. 15, the “One Nation, One Culture” festival organized by Hamazkayin drew in 1,200 members of the community.

A scene from the finale.
A scene from the finale.

The festival began with Armenia’s Minister of the Diaspora Hranush Hakobian’s video message and Hamazkayin Eastern U.S. Regional Committee chair Zarmayr Setrakyan’s brief welcoming remarks.

The festival featured Alla Levonyan, Babin Boghosian, the AGBU Antranig Dance Ensemble, the Akhtamar Dance Ensemble of St. Thomas Armenian Church, the Yeraz Dance Ensemble of the St. Sarkis Armenian Church, the Hamazkayin Nayiri Dance Ensemble, the Arekag Children’s Choir, the Hamazkayin N.J. Dhol Group, and musician Garine Hassasian.

For more than two hours, the members of the audience witnessed an exceptional program unfold and reach its peak with the final performances that featured all dance groups dancing to Armenian national and popular songs.

The event was a powerful message of unity. We look forward to the second “One Nation, One Culture” festival in 2010.

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