Geragos to Represent Krikorian Against Complaint Filed by Rep. Schmidt

CINCINNATI, Ohio—Nationally renowned lawyer Mark Geragos will lead a legal team of attorneys from across the nation to represent Democratic Congressional Candidate David Krikorian in connection with a complaint initiated by Ohio Representative Jean Schmidt before the Ohio Elections Commission.

The Los Angeles based Geragos will be joined by Cincinnati attorney Christopher Finney of Finney, Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson Co. L.P.A. in defending Krikorian against Schmidt’s complaint before the commission. In 2006, Finney was the lead attorney who successfully challenged Schmidt for making multiple false statements, including repeated public misrepresentations about having a second college degree.

Schmidt has brought charges against her likely Democratic opponent in the 2010 election for what she claims are false statements made by Krikorian in connection with her vocal opposition to Congressional measures to commemorate the Armenian Genocide.

During the last election cycle, Schmidt received more than $30,000 in contributions from individuals and political action committees advancing the Turkish government’s position to deny the fact of the Armenian Genocide and oppose Congressional measures to commemorate what is widely acknowledged as the first genocide of the 20th century. The trial on Schmidt’s charges is scheduled for Aug. 13 before the Ohio Elections Commission.
Since her election to Congress, Jean Schmidt has become an active and vocal apologist for the Turkish government’s position on the Armenian Genocide, and has solicited and received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Turkish Americans and affiliated political action committees. David Krikorian has been working to expose the connection between Schmidt’s actions as a Member of Congress and her political contributions.

“Jean Schmidt’s active participation in the Turkish government’s campaign to deny and cover up this internationally recognized crime against humanity is well documented and readily traceable,” said Geragos, who, like Krikorian, is Armenian American. He added that Schmidt’s complaint against David “is yet another attempt by the Turkish government and its apologists to intimidate those with the audacity to speak the truth about this ongoing human right violation. David Krikorian understands that the Turkish government’s attempt to suppress the truth about the most heinous crime known to humankind transcends the interests of Armenian Americans and is a cause for concern to all those of good conscience. David is a man of principle and despite Schmidt’s specious allegations, remains undeterred in his resolve to bring this important human rights issue to light.”

“The legal team my campaign has assembled combines the very best of local and national assets,” said Krikorian. “Mr. Geragos and Mr. Finney are accomplished and respected attorneys and I welcome their participation and have complete confidence in their ability to present the truth and prevail in this forum.”


  1. Mark Gergaos is a California criminal defense attorney who’s client list is mostly celebrities.   What he understands about representing clients before Election Commissions based out of Ohio I am not sure.
    All Lawyers don’t know all Law.  Having a high profile lawyer from out of town swoop in to what I am sure is a very clubby world of Ohio politics is not going to be viewed very favorable.
    Kirkorian is starting to loose his sense of perspective.

  2. According to what I’ve read in the papers, Geragos  will teaming-up with a local attorney. So, that part is covered. What is not covered, is Jean Schmidt’s inability to “think on her feet,” while Geragos questions her. He did not get all those clients, cases and money by being slow-witted. Geragos might very well have Schmidt in tears and tendering her resignation by lunch.

  3. June:
    Geragos has to team up with a local lawyer, he is not licenced to practice law in Ohio.  Trying a criminal trial before a jury is very different then running a trial before a judge on legal issues which pretain to Ohio Election law.  Geragos is going to put minimal effort into preparing for the case.   There will be no crying witnesses.
    Your watching too much teleivsion.

  4. Turkish government must recognize the issue of Genocide, it should
    take it to Armenian scholars.
    During this discussion they should revile atrocities committed by their Countryman.
    This should be taken as a negative human behavior and should be an example of
    corroboration between current generations, without punishing them, but making them
    aware for the generations to come.
    What concerns the Armenian territories, which was captured by Turkish government,
    should be returned back to its owners-Armenians, with out any conditions. New road
    map should be drawn as it was done by Woodrow Thomas Wilson-28th
    President of the United States America.

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