WED Education Fund to Provide Financial Aid for Students

Established in 1999, the William E. Docter (WED) Education Fund has since provided scholarships, ranging from $1,000-5,000, to 252 Armenian American students. Administered by the St. Mary Armenian Church of Washington, D.C., scholarships are once again available for the 2009-10 academic year for Armenian American students at the university level.

In his Last Will and Testament, William E. Docter specified that the student be an American citizen of Armenian ancestry, through either both or one parent, and be in need of financial assistance. The Scholarship Committee gives preference to those students who have demonstrated academic excellence and also takes note of the degree of involvement in Armenian affairs, including religious, cultural, and youth activities.

It was Docter’s wish that his fund provide monetary support to Armenian students prepared to continue their education at the undergraduate or graduate level, or to learn a trade or undertake special training, either in the United States or Canada. (While students applying for universities will be considered for the academic year beginning this winter semester, the dates for those applying for vocational and trade schools of a more specialized nature may be flexible.)

To learn more about eligibility requirements or to download an application form, visit

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