An Ode to May 28

Armenia! Armenia outraged! Armenia broken! Armenia martyred! But Armenia liberated! Liberated by itself, liberated by its people with the help of the Armenian armies, with the support and the help of all Armenia, of the […]

Literary Corner


Deep brown hints of secrets are hidden in her eyes. A faraway gaze out the window into distant lands, she remembers the smell of sand, a shapeless sanctuary. A nameless nomad, she ran with the […]

Literary Corner

Birdsong lessons

What do the birds teach us in these times of pandemic? Vocalizing sounds as music greeting dawn in a universal language where tweets, cackles, trills, pecks  are a prayer unto themselves monovocal melodies from song […]

Literary Corner


I think again of my self, at the dining room table, or squatting beneath, sketching my father, seated next to mother, crocheting, smoking or reading his Armenian newspaper, silently enduring his life, the puzzle of […]

Literary Corner

Nostalgic for Pain

In 2017, the Columbia Artists/Teachers (CA/T) program at Columbia University embarked on what may rightly be regarded as a pedagogical experiment: an online writing class that connected Masters in Writing candidates from Columbia University with […]