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Gerson Smoger first became involved with the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide while working in Geneva with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. He has maintained his interest in international human rights, now serving as Secretary of the Board of Physicians for Human Rights. Committed to social justice, he also serves on the boards of non-profits Public Citizen and Public Justice. He hopes that this play will help shed light on the often forgotten suffering of the Armenian people, as well as the horrors of genocides that have occurred all too frequently over the past century.

Some People Hear Thunder: A Musical of Coincidence or Fate

By Gerson H. Smoger Special for the Armenian Weekly A musical taking place during the Armenian Genocide?  Who would write that?  Can it possibly be entertaining enough that non-Armenian audiences would want to see it?  Impossible. And why would two people, neither of whom are Armenian, devote [more...]

April 20, 2017 // 5 Comments