ARS of Eastern USA awards $88,200 in scholarships

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern USA is proud to announce the awarding of $88,200 in scholarships to 76 deserving students. The committee and regional executive board selected the students based on financial need, academic achievements and involvement in the Armenian community.

“We are honored to support these exceptional students who have shown remarkable dedication to academic excellence and community service,” said Caroline Chamavonian, chairperson of the ARS of Eastern USA. “As an organization, we aim to empower the next generation of Armenian scholars and community leaders,” she continued. 

Following is a list of the recipients based on each scholarship category. The scholarships provided by the ARS of Eastern USA are made possible through the generous endowments and memorial funds established over the last couple of decades by individuals and families who wholeheartedly believe in the power of education and its transformative impact.

The recipients of the ARS of Eastern USA Undergraduate Scholarships are:

Avakyan, Lusine (Nursing – Pace University)
Ayazian, Andre (Mechanical Engineering – Stevens Institute of Technology)
Badalyan, Gayane (Chemistry – University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Bardakjian, Sona (Communications – Boston College)
Bedrossian, Aren (Accounting – Fairfield University)
Blonkvist, Christie (Biomedical Engineering – University of Virginia)
Boudakian, Arev (Anthropology – Oberlin College)
Buchaklian, Arev (Political Science – University of Wisconsin)
Chanakian, Celine (International Studies – Louisiana State University)
Chekijian, Berj (Business Administration – Northeastern University)
Dabbaghlian, Roupen (Computer Science – Eastern University)
Emirzian, Haig (Cybersecurity – Stevens Institute of Technology)
Gevorkian, Narineh (Business and Marketing – University of Connecticut)
Hardy, Aren (Mechanical Engineering – University of Illinois)
Hartounian, Areni (Health Administration – Rutgers University)
Hovasapyan, Erik (Human Biology – Hunter College)
Jackmakjian, Galy (Studio Art and Education – University of Maryland)
Kalandjian, Lena (Human and Organizational Development – Vanderbilt University)
Kalpakgian, Ari (Economics – Franciscan University of Steubenville)
Kasbarian, Sita (Nursing – Rutgers University)
Kazarian, Sophia (Education – Michigan State University)
Koceyan, Alex (Fine Arts – Wayne State University)
Kojoian, Nikolas (Industrial Engineering – Northeastern University)
Maragoudakis, Sophia (Hospitality Administration – Cornell University)
Martirosyan, Meline (Science in Nursing – West Coast University)
Mardanyan, Tigran (Classical Piano – Berklee College of Music)
Matevosian, Vana (Psychology – University of California, Los Angeles)
Mkrtumyan, Taron (Mathematics – University of Minnesota)
Oganezov, Ardashes (Biochemistry – McGill University)
Ohanyan, Katerina (Fashion Merchandising – LIM College)
Ourlian, Arek (Computer Science – Wayne State University)
Panoosian, Ejmin (Aeronautical Science – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University)
Santerian, Nicole (Economics – Villanova University)
Soulakian, Aleen (Marketing – Illinois State University)
Takvorian, Neena (Business – Montclair University)
Tenekedzhyan, Vardui Izabell (Accounting – Bentley University)
Topouzian, Teny (Psychology – Michigan State University)
Torikian, Philip Nareg (Civil Engineering – Drexel University)
Varin, John Aram (Aerospace Engineering – The University of Alabama)
Zobian, Maral (Interior Design – Suffolk University)

The recipients of the ARS of Eastern USA Lazarian Graduate Scholarships are:

Abgaryan, Nare (Data Science – Georgetown University)
Aleksanyan, Kristina (European and Eurasian Studies – Georgetown University)
Asilyan, Lida (Education Policy and Analysis – Harvard University)
Babaian, Nareg (Law – Civil Litigation and Advocacy – Southwestern Law)
Bagiryan, Anahit (Education – Stanford University)
Bardakjian, Lena A. (Public Relations and Sociology – Villanova University)
Cortada, Tiana (Communication Sciences – Emerson College)
Dishoyan, Galin (Law, Civil Litigation and Advocacy – Seton Hall University of Law)
Gevorkian, Datev (Plant and Soil Sciences – University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Karaghousian, Chant (Architecture – Woodbury University)
Khachatryan, Angelina (Fashion Management – Parsons School of Design)
Koceyan, Cecile (Veterinary Medicine – Michigan State University)
Loussararian, Tatiana (Education – National University)
Magardichian, Marco (Osteopathic Medicine – California Health Science University)
Makaryan, Martin (International Relations – John Hopkins University)
Manoukian, Aram (Law – University of San Francisco Law School)
Manoukian, Sevana (Law – Columbia Law School)
Mardanyan, Hayk (Applied Economics – University of Minnesota)
Mesrobian, Kalina (Law – St. John’s University)
Oknayan, Gasia (Epidemiology, Public Health – Columbia University)
Pogosyan, David (Medicine – University of Arizona)
Sarafian, Melanie (Dental Medicine – Boston University)
Sargsyan, Elina (Counseling Psychology – University of St. Thomas) 

The Karnig Alajajian Family Scholarship is given to students of Armenian descent from the Middle East pursuing their higher education in the United States. This year’s recipients are:

Arda Terterian (Epidemiology and Biostatistics – Boston University)
Bedig Tourousian (Animal Sciences – Rutger University)

The Hagop and Pearl Mooradian Scholarship is given to students from the United States who are pursuing their education in Armenia. This year’s recipient is:

Varak Ghazarian (Medicine – Yerevan State University)

The ARS Regional Executive Board also awarded scholarships to the following deserving students as part of their commitment to supporting educational pursuits:

Alikhanyan, Davit (Global Finance and Business Law – Chicago-Kent College of Law IIT)
Bairamian, Nora (Near Eastern Language and Cultures, Armenian Studies – University of California, Los Angeles)
Janesian, Hakob (Data Science – Boston University)
Jermakian, Ani (Art Education – University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Martirosyan, Armen (Music – University of Miami)
Mikhaelyan, Alena (International Relations – John Hopkins University)
Shahverdyan, Nina (Educational Policymaking – Columbia University)
Terterian, Arda (Epidemiology and Biostatistics – Boston University)

Each year, the ARS of Eastern USA also awards the Areen Armenian Fund Scholarship to Melankton and Haig Arslanian Djemaran (Mezher, Lebanon) allowing the school to select a talented student in poetry or another creative art.

The ARS of Eastern USA has awarded more than $700,000 in scholarships over the last several decades. The next application cycle will begin in January 2025. Interested applicants can learn more on the website.

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