California attorney Aynur Baghirzade files $500,000,000 lawsuit against ANCA

Baghirzade has publicly called for Armenia to be “deleted”

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—California attorney Aynur Baghirzade — who came to prominence earlier this year for publicly calling Armenia a “carcinoma” that needed to be “deleted” — has filed a lawsuit seeking half a billion dollars in damages from the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) and others that she claimed have misrepresented views and damaged her professional reputation. Her 58-page filing was submitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of California on June 21.

Baghirzade’s filing is available here.

According to her filing, Baghirzade received her green card in 2016 as “a professional with advanced degree and outstanding ability (EB-2 with National Interest Waiver), and moved to the United States on a permanent basis in 2021, after pandemic.” She has been active on X (formerly Twitter), drawing attention for repeated racist calls for the eradication of Armenians from the Caucasus region. The ANCA has flagged her most egregious posts for the California State Bar Association, requesting a review of her standing as a licensed lawyer.

Baghirzade’s website reports she earned a law degree from Baku State University and graduated with honors and L.L.M. degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

The full listing of defendants is as follows: Alphabet Inc., Aram Hamparian, Armen Sahakyan, Armenian National Committee of America, Armenian National Committee of American Western Region, Attorney Search Network, Coco Su, Estrella Sanchez, Google, Inc., Jake Baloian, Jeremy Stoppelman, Legal Match, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association Smartlaw Lawyer Referral Services, Martindale-Nolo, Orange County Bar Association, Orange County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service & Information Service, Seth Chavez, Teresa Vuki, Trudy Levindofske and Yelp, Inc.


  1. Bighirzade’s social media posts demonstrates that she has fully mastered the rigorous academic curriculum taught at Baku State University.

  2. Poor article.

    Who is she?

    And why should anyone care?

    If she’s a Turk, she can be disregarded.

    If she’s an Armenian, she’s a traitor.

    Finally, why should anyone care?

    And why is Armenian Weekly giving her space?

  3. How on earth was this rabidly Armenophobic and obviously unhinged Azerbaijani woman admitted to the bar and allowed to practice her profession in the first place (if she practices it at all)? Her laughable coo coo “lawsuit”, which will be 100% dismissed to the trash bin, should be a reason to disbar her. The criteria in the United States must be really low, if they admit every trash like her to the bar as lawyers, who submit such nutty “lawsuits” and allow them to play lawyer in the court rooms.

  4. I am a lawyer and in my 30 years of practice I have never seen such a ridiculous lawsuit.It gave me a good laugh though and my favorite part was the cockroaches .I think it’s wrong to give this pathetic individual any more airtime which is what she is after.

  5. Good opportunity to start sanctioning open Armenophobia online from turkish and azeri accounts.
    Unfortunately, ANCA will loose time with her.
    This technic was used by Turkey to be able to deny Armenian genocide and have nothing for that in the Swiss court with Perincek case. Be sure, “canceling Armenia” is recognized as xenophobia and hateful reference, which is condemnable even online.

  6. Her lawsuit is comical. She put RICO as a cause of action. I think I am going to die of laughter.

    And she put malicious prosecution as another cause of action. I will die from the irony.

  7. These racist pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijanis, among many things, are well-known for: Fraud, bribery, and blackmail. That’s their TRUE nature and part of their DNA. I don’t believe in dealing with this filthy and vindictive tribe in a manner that is considered civilized based on Western standards. But as they say ‘When in Rome, Do as Romans Do’. All you have to do is to use her own anti-Armenian racist remarks against her. Publicize her remarks verbatim throughout San Diego and watch her self-destruct. If this was another time and another place, she would not be practicing law, she would be back in her village and in hiding somewhere in artificial Azerbaijani terrorist cesspool!

    • @Roseanne

      Azeris are Turks.

      Armenia’s geostrategic problem is that it has the Turks both on its Eastern and Western borders.

      Armenia’s only salvation is its North-South axis, which is why Syunik is so vitally important.

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