Hairenik Media Center seeking interested, qualified applicants

The studio at the Antranig and Alice Karjian Hairenik Media Center (Photo: Leeza Arakelian)

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Hairenik Association is seeking interested and qualified candidates to staff its state-of-the-art media center at the historic Hairenik Building.

An initiative of the Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA), the newly-named Antranig and Alice Karjian Hairenik Media Center will include a television studio and control room, both designed by Varto Technologies.

The production schedule is expected to begin with the launch of regular programming in the fall/winter of 2022 and will initially include a weekly flagship news program, covering current affairs in Armenia and stories across our Diaspora.

Original broadcast content will converge social media and television and will be livestreamed across platforms belonging to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), the Armenian Weekly and their family of organizations, including the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), Hamazkayin, Armenian Relief Society (ARS), Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) and Homenetmen. 

Once the Antranig and Alice Karjian Hairenik Media Center is up and running, Varto Technologies and Weekly staff will be training field photographers, in-studio producers and technical directors on the proper use of the equipment. There will also be openings for on-camera presenters and reporters. Staff members, freelancers and volunteers will also receive training, if necessary, on video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro).

Concurrently, the Armenian Weekly Editorial Board, which oversees the print and online publication of the Armenian Weeklythe historic newspaper of the ARF Eastern Region, established in 1934is looking to grow with the addition of part-time staff members and interns. These positions will be responsible for helping copy edit articles, post content on social media, create weekly e-newsletters and cover local events, among other responsibilities.

For experienced and inexperienced candidates alike, please submit a resume, cover letter and broadcast reel (if applicable) to Armenian Weekly assistant editor Leeza Arakelian at 

Technical Directors

Core Duties and Responsibilities

– Experience with Newtek Tricaster TC1, or TC1 Pro software
Familiar with Behringer x32 audio mixers
– Understands Dante audio networks, NDI technology and can troubleshoot issues
– Familiar with Camcorder and color balancing, white balancing, focusing
– Switch live video sources from multiple cameras and inputs on an NDI network
– Set up and configure lighting, audio and video equipment
– Able to mix audio for talent using mics and IFBs
– Help with studio setup, equipment maintenance, configuration, etc.
– Create PIPs when needed and more
– Familiar with keying greenscreen and working in a virtual set environment

Minimum Qualifications

– At least three years experience in a studio and/or live video environment
– Experience using Windows 10 Pro
– Must be highly organized and a great communicator
– Well-rounded in all aspects of live video production and can act as a one-man band if needed
– Proficient with Newtek Tricaster software, NDI streaming, and networks, as well as traditional SDI and connected video (Blackmagic or VMIX experience accepted)

Field Photographers

Core Duties and Responsibilities 

– Gather footage (b-roll) and sound-on-tape from local events, interviews and rallies using a Panasonic AG-CX350

Minimum Qualifications

– Ability to operate or at least have a working knowledge of audio and video equipment
– Experience with non-linear video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro) a plus
Creativity and attention to detail

On-camera host, reporters

Core Duties and Responsibilities

– Interview program guests and moderate conversations with local/national political experts for the weekly news program
– Assist in writing scripts, research and identifying story ideas

Minimum Qualifications

– Must have the ability to speak on camera, moderate conversations, interview guests and provide standard news updates
– Possess the knowledge and understanding of the Armenian Diaspora and the Armenian political climate and current events
– Ability to read off a teleprompter
– Located in or near Watertown, MA or have the ability to be on-site on a weekly basis

Recommended Qualifications

Fluent in Armenian (Eastern/Western)
– College degree in broadcast journalism
– Exceptional oral and written skills


  1. This sounds very exciting. Congratulations to the Hairenik
    family for the foresight and vision to create this facility. The outreach and content opportunities seem almost endless.

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