Condolences and Beyond

Without a doubt, by unfortunate circumstances of blind destiny, the Armenian nation today lives through a continuous chain of disastrous mishaps. The latest – hopefully, the last – of these dark episodes conflagrating at the Surmalu Trade Center, as a massive explosion in the heart of Yerevan — the sacred capital city of Armenians worldwide, because of which innocent citizens were killed and injured, and missing persons were recorded.

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) expresses its solidarity and deepest condolences to the victims’ families and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured and strength, courage and patience to our compatriots.

Over the millennia of our existence, as a creative, constructive nation rooted in our highlands, unique language, culture and faith, often martyred in unequal battles in the name of those tenets, today we stand on the edge of a menacing future. At this moment of crisis, we believe that the solution to our unresolved issues will not come from the outside, but from our own people. The Armenian nation will work to ensure its recovery and unfettered progress toward a bright future.

In the shadow of these dark days, as in past days of joy and sorrow, born and raised in the very bosom of the Armenian people, the ARS is always steadfast to its humanitarian oath, “With the People, For the People,” and shall always be the intrepid guardian of our people’s spiritual and physical fortresses. As a devoted mother, it shares the pain of its people, mixing tears of sorrow with the families and friends of those martyred in the ongoing struggle for our nation’s right to live free and secure across its patrimony. May the Lord grant them eternal life, as they shall have in the ever united hearts of a grateful nation.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

Armenian Relief Society, Inc. (ARS) is an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian organization which serves the humanitarian needs of the Armenian people and seeks to preserve the cultural identity of the Armenian nation. It mobilizes communities to advance the goals of all sectors of humanity. For well over a century, it has pioneered solutions to address the challenges that impact our society.
Armenian Relief Society International Inc.

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