AMAA donates Sharoyan’s “Literary Stroll with the Alphabet” book to Armenian teachers in North America

PARAMUS, NJ— With the Armenian Missionary Association of America’s (AMAA) encouragement and sponsorship, a guidebook of Western Armenian orthography and punctuation entitled, “A Literary Inspired Stroll with the Letters of the Alphabet” was recently published in Aleppo, Syria. The author of the book is the renowned Aleppo-Armenian writer, press contributor and pedagogic tiller Levon Sharoyan.

The volume, though by its nature can be considered primarily a grammatical work, has been written in an accessible language and can be read like a perusal volume, for any Armenian-born who desires to improve the mastery of his mother tongue and get acquainted with the rules of her orthography. However, it will be useful specifically to the Armenian teachers of the diaspora, students of the upper grades and scholars of Armenological institutes.

The main aim of the work is to remedy, as much as possible, our orthographical errors and point out ways to overcome the orthographical obstacles arising from homophonous letters. However, the book also has two other aspects: glossology and punctuation. About 20 pages of the 156-page book is devoted to the punctuation marks of Armenian, explain in detail the rules and spheres of utility of each mark and provide numerous impressive examples for all of them.

The AMAA, which in its centennial history has always and continually stood by the Armenian school and the Armenian student, donated a copy of this book to each Armenian language teacher in the US and Canada with the belief that this newly-published grammar book will benefit the rebirth and vitality of Western Armenian and place a useful tool in the hands of our Armenian-speaking and Armenian-writing public.

Armenian Schools in North America that have not received copies of this book for their Armenian language teachers can contact Louisa Janbazian at

Individuals who are interested in this book may purchase a copy from the AMAA’s online bookstore.

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