Remembering Massachusetts State Police Trooper Tamar Anoush Bucci

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Tamar Anoush Bucci (March 2, 1988 – March 4, 2022)

The family of Massachusetts State Police Trooper Tamar Anoush Bucci is mourning her loss on the one-month anniversary of her tragic death.

Trooper Bucci was killed in the line of duty on March 4 when her cruiser was struck by a tanker truck going north on Interstate 93 in Stoneham. She was trying to pull over to help a disabled vehicle. Bucci died just two days after her 34th birthday. 

Upon her untimely passing, many learned about Bucci’s passion for fitness and achieving her dream of becoming a Massachusetts State Police Trooper, but very few knew about her Armenian roots.

A granddaughter of Aroussiak Dakessian, Trooper Bucci grew up in a large, loving family. 

“We were always together. Our weekends were always spent together, enjoying Sunday dinners,” said her cousin Nina Vosbigian during an emotional interview with the Weekly. 

Though she didn’t formally grow up in the Armenian community, Bucci was enrolled for some time in weeknight Armenian language courses in Watertown to help improve her communication with her maternal grandmother.

Trooper Bucci loved her family. She is a hero to Vosbigian, who described her cousin as a free spirit. “She always had a huge smile. She was always happy. I felt like I could go to her for anything,” she sighed, reflecting on childhood memories with her role model.

Vosbigian says she learned persistence and determination from her cousin as she pursued her dream career. “She’s a strong one. She was very focused. She knew what she wanted.” Bucci, who voluntarily cut 15 inches of her hair at the start of this journey, would come home after a demanding week at the State Police Academy in New Braintree to a supportive family with whom she would share her experiences. “We all felt like we went through the academy with her,” recalled Vosbigian.

When graduation day finally arrived for the 85th Recruit Training Troop in May of 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Vosbigian and her family gathered at her aunt’s house to watch the live-stream from an empty Gillette Stadium. Moments later, Trooper Bucci would pull into the driveway of her parents’ home to cheers and celebration. “I was honestly so proud of her after everything she went through because we knew that’s what she wanted.”

Massachusetts State Trooper Tamar Anoush Bucci pictured with her cousin Nina Vosbigian

Bucci would don badge number 4440—an angel number— for 20 months until the end of her watch on March 4.

Her loss has devastated her family members, including Vosbigian, who would look forward to waking up to Bucci’s Snapchats and entertaining text messages from her overnight shifts.

Trooper Bucci was baptized as an infant at St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Watertown, Massachusetts. On the eve of her funeral at Saint Anthony of Padua Church in Revere, Rev. Archpriest Antranig Baljian and Rev. Samuel Ajemian presided over her wake, which was carried out according to the traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Late last month, Der Antranig offered his deepest sympathies during a requiem service. “We pray for Tamar and her family, and we commit her to God’s hands.”

Leeza Arakelian

Leeza Arakelian

Assistant Editor
Leeza Arakelian is the assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly. She is a graduate of UCLA and Emerson College. Leeza has written and produced for local and network television news including Boston 25 and Al Jazeera America.
Leeza Arakelian


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