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November 9-15, 2021

Anadolu Agency: The visit of Armenian Defense Minister Arshak Karapetyan to the region controlled by Russian elements in Karabakh was described as a “provocation” by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense, which warned that necessary measures would be taken to prevent “aggressive separatism and terrorist acts” if similar situations occurred again. According to a written statement from the ministry, “it is a military and political provocation for Armenia’s Minister of Defense to enter Azerbaijani territory without permission, hold talks with illegal Armenian troops, and express his views on war readiness.”

The Presidential memorandum regarding the extension of the Turkish soldier’s term of office in Azerbaijan by one year was accepted in the General Assembly of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly. The HDP was the only party that voted against the memorandum.

At the Turkic Council Summit Meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov stated that the Zangezur corridor, which will connect Azerbaijan’s western provinces with Nakhichevan, will further strengthen cooperation and increase trade volume. He expressed his satisfaction with the Turkic Council’s development process, stating that Uzbekistan is a full member and Turkmenistan will be granted observer status. Concerning the Second Karabakh War, Bayramov stated that Armenia was defeated in the 44-day conflict, that the conflict was over, and that Azerbaijan had implemented four relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. Talking about Turkey’s support in the Second Karabakh War, Bayramov stated that they began the reconstruction and revitalization of the region after it was liberated from occupation. Bayramov stated that large-scale construction works were carried out on liberated lands, and that new cities and villages were built from the ground up using modern city planning methods, “smart city” and “smart village” concepts, and that all works were carried out with Azerbaijan’s own financing, as well as companies from friendly countries. At the end of his speech, Bayramov wished Turkey success as it takes over the presidency of the Turkic Council.

On November 15, presidential communications director Fahrettin Altun issued a condolence message for the death of Chief Priest Tatoul Anoushian, Secretary General of the Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey, saying, “My heartfelt condolences go out to the Armenian community, especially his family and loved ones.”

Sabah: Akbasoglu, an AK Party member, responded to HDP supporters who called the lawsuit filed regarding the 6-8 October incidents, in which 37 people were murdered with the HDP’s provocation, a “conspiracy,” saying, “It is not a plot or a conspiracy; it is a case of seeking justice for the murdered citizens. The PKK’s leader revealed how imperialists and Zionists poured instructions into the PKK, which replaced the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA. The PKK and their allies, who are waging a proxy war on this issue, should understand that neither our nation nor our state will ever allow the Greater Armenia and Greater Israel Project to be carried out under the guise of so-called Kurdistan.”

On November 13, around 07:00 local time, an attack was carried out on a checkpoint manned by Azerbaijani and Russian peacekeepers near the city of Shushi, where Azerbaijan was liberated from Armenian occupation. A pickup truck approached the checkpoint at the time of the attack, which was captured on security camera, and a hand grenade was thrown from inside the vehicle to the side where Azerbaijani soldiers were stationed. According to reports, the attacker, who was identified as an Armenian citizen, was arrested by soldiers stationed in the area.

Tsoler Aghjian

Tsoler Aghjian

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