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October 1-14, 2021

A work program in the field of environmental protection was signed between Turkey and Azerbaijan

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum met with Azerbaijan’s Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Muhtar Babayev.

Kurum stated that they always view their Azerbaijani brothers with whom they work with the slogan of “two states, one nation.” He noted that there is less than a month left before the anniversary of the Karabakh victory and said he commemorates all martyrs with mercy and gratitude.

Emphasizing that there are serious destructions in Karabakh, Kurum said, “Azerbaijan will do everything necessary as a strong state. As the Ministry, we will continue to keep our cooperation at the highest level.”

A seven-room cave church discovered in Bingöl

During research carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Bingöl, a seven-room early Christian cave church was discovered. The discovered church will undergo restoration for tourism.

The Ministry of Interior was found at fault… one million lira compensation to go to Hrant Dink’s family

The Council of State upheld the decision to award one million liras to the family of Hrant Dink on the grounds that the Ministry of the Interior had a “fault of service” in the murder of the journalist.

Dink’s wife Rahel and her children filed a lawsuit for damages totaling 1.5 million TL, including 500 thousand TL for pecuniary and one million TL for non-pecuniary damage, alleging that the Ministry of Interior played a role in the assassination. 

The Istanbul 6th Administrative Court unanimously decided to accept the compensation claim as 466,781 TL for material and 600,000 TL for non-pecuniary damages, and to reject the claim for compensation and interest related to the surplus.

The Council of State rejected the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to rectify the decision.

Azerbaijan denies Kılıçdaroğlu’s words, who spoke via pro-Armenian radio

CHP chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has claimed that while extra money is not requested from foreign transport trucks in Azerbaijan, an extra $2,500 is requested from Turkish trucks. “Two states, one nation is beautiful. Why do you treat our trucks differently, we ask?” he said. It turned out that these very same words were uttered by Kılıçdaroğlu in April 2021 during an interview he had on the pro-Armenian radio Özgür Avrupa. Azerbaijan State Customs Committee stated that the fees that the trucks are paying are regardless of the country of origin when they pass through the customs checkpoints. Azerbaijan State Customs also denied that their rapid passage is prevented and claims to this effect are completely unfounded. 

Historical houses in Iğdır are living their last breath

Houses built in the 19th century Baltic architectural style, located in the Söğütlü neighborhood of the Central District of Iğdır, are essentially doomed. Historical houses are disappearing one by one due to neglect. There is an inscription dated 1908 above a window of one historical building. Residents of some of these structures prevented their demolition by covering them with natural stones, while the remaining structures, known as Armenian houses, turned into garbage heaps. Residents in the neighborhood who use that route to go home at night are worried. The Iğdır Culture and Tourism Directorate has identified a dozen historical houses in 2013 to be protected in the city, which were built using stone and wood carvings, but work was never started on the project. Stating that a stone is missing from historical houses every day, Celal Gülten said, “This building is a historical monument. These places have always been the residence of drug users. Because of this situation, our children cannot pass through here out of fear.”

Tsoler Aghjian

Tsoler Aghjian

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