“Armenia Alliance” leader Robert Kocharyan holds town hall with Diasporans

Leader of the Armenia Alliance Robert Kocharyan

WATERTOWN, Mass.—Second President of Armenia and leader of the “Armenia Alliance” Robert Kocharyan held a town hall meeting over Zoom on Friday, June 11. Armenian public and political figures from 12 countries, including the US, Canada, France, Germany, England, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, Kuwait and the UAE participated in the meeting, which was organized by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau.

The question-and-answer session centered on the economy, Diaspora relations, the future of Armenia and a resolution to the present crisis. Kocharyan presented his plan and addressed ways of overcoming the internal political crisis, deepening Homeland-Diaspora ties and ensuring investment flow. A main topic of discussion was the restoration of investment flow to Armenia, which has been interrupted for three years.

Raising homeland-diaspora relations to a new level, using diasporan specialists and expertise in rebuilding Armenia and forming pan-Armenian agendas were also discussed. “We must do everything to make our compatriots feel involved in the country’s governance processes,” said Kocharyan during the discussion with the representatives of the diaspora.

Businessmen who participated in the meeting agreed to visit Armenia following the June 20 snap elections to discuss a roadmap for immediately investing in Armenia, as well as substantive projects.

ARF Bureau chairman Hagop Der Khatchadourian concluded by thanking Kocharyan for taking the time to participate in the town hall meeting and reiterating the primary concerns of reestablishing national values, the security of the homeland and reunifying the country.

Pauline Getzoyan

Pauline Getzoyan

Pauline Getzoyan is editor of the Armenian Weekly and an active member of the Rhode Island Armenian community. A longtime member of the Providence ARF and ARS, she also is a former member of the ARS Central Executive Board. A longtime advocate for genocide education through her work with the ANC of RI, Pauline is co-chair of the RI branch of The Genocide Education Project. In addition, she has been an adjunct instructor of developmental reading and writing in the English department at the Community College of Rhode Island since 2005.

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