Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States elects new Regional Executive at 44th annual meeting

Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States Region conducted its 44th annual representative meeting on May 23rd. Due to the pandemic, the meeting was held virtually. Representatives from eight chapters attended. Also in attendance were the following guests: Hrair Baronian from Hamazkayin Central Executive Committee; Khajag Mgrdichian from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern Region Central Committee; Shant Jamgotchian from Homenetmen (HMEM) Eastern Region; Talin Daghlian from the Armenian Relief Society (ARS); and Vrej Dawli from the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF).

Following the election of a temporary executive, Baronian offered his remarks. He addressed the soon-to-be elected regional executive, urging them to undertake and support the revitalization efforts of individual chapters of the Eastern Region. He emphasized the importance and urgency of the success of initiatives such as ArtLinks, “Petag,” and Dance Retreat, in attracting the youth to the ranks of Hamazkayin. He commended and expressed his appreciation to the outgoing executive members, who in spite of the difficulties posed by the pandemic, persevered and fulfilled the mission of Hamazkayin to the best of their abilities. Finally, he congratulated the incoming executive and wished them success.

From the ARF, Mgrdichian noted the urgent imperative of the preservation of the Armenian language. He pointed out the continuing difficulties our communities face in this regard. However, he added, seeing several young participants in the meeting gave him hope that the mission of Hamazkayin will be ably taken up by the next generation.  

Representatives of HMEM, ARS and AYF added their remarks, expressing their continuing support of Hamazkayin and its mission. A congratulatory letter, sent by Hairenik editor Zaven Torikian was read to the participants by Anny Aghajanian.

Outgoing chairlady Hasmig Aprahamian spoke about the “Children of Artsakh” project, a Hamazkayin Central Executive initiative, with the financial participation of the three regional executives (Eastern, Western and Canadian). She explained that Hamazkayin provides assistance in tending to the educational, cultural and social needs of children who fled their war-torn homes in Artsakh and found refuge in Yerevan. This worthy endeavor continues under the very capable direction of the chairlady of the Hamazkayin Artsakh office, Hermine Avakian. 

After the participating chapter representatives presented their annual reports, the floor was open for questions or comments.

The meeting came to a close with the election of the new Regional Executive: Arevig Caprielian from New York, chairlady; Anny Aghajanian from Philadelphia, secretary; Hoori Samuelian from New Jersey, treasurer; Vartivar Keshishian from New Jersey, advisor; Maroush Paneyan-Nigon from Philadelphia, advisor; Varant Chiloyan from Boston, advisor; and Khajag Arakelian from Chicago, advisor.

The Eastern USA region of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society, consisting of nine chapters, constitutes one of the branches of the worldwide Hamazkayin family, founded in 1928.

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