ARF-ER Calls for Pashinyan’s Resignation in Meeting with Armenian Ambassador to the US

On Thursday, November 12, representatives of the Central Committee of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Eastern United States, met with the Armenian Ambassador to the United States Varouzhan Nersisyan to discuss the current crisis in Armenia and Artsakh. The Ambassador detailed his understanding of the agreement and the negotiation process as well as what was requested of the United States government during the process and now. In particular, the Central Committee voiced its strong objection to the disastrous agreement signed by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. The Prime Minister has focused his efforts since the signing on consolidating power and forcing the Armenian people to accept the agreement. The current and anticipated refugee crisis was also discussed. The Central Committee provided a letter (below) to Pashinyan demanding his resignation.


Attn: Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan

November 12, 2020

This letter represents our formal request for your immediate resignation.

You have – through your failed leadership in confronting Azerbaijan’s aggression and your personal signature on a disastrous settlement that places at serious risk the survival and sovereignty of both Armenia and Artsakh – forfeited any right to lead Armenia, to speak for Artsakh, or act on behalf of Armenians worldwide.

You signed an outright surrender without a mandate by the people of Armenia and Artsakh, without open debate in the Parliament, and without even the involvement or knowledge of the President of the Republic of Armenia. Your actions throughout this entire crisis – including your undemocratic arrest of dissenters – have created existential threats to the very viability of the Armenian homeland. As such, you must step aside and be replaced as an urgent measure to ensure Armenia’s salvation.

We demand your immediate resignation so that a new leadership can lead in the interest of the survival, security, and long-term viability of Armenia and Artsakh.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Eastern United States

ARF Eastern US Central Committee

ARF Eastern US Central Committee

The ARF Eastern Region Central Committee’s headquarters is the Hairenik Building in Watertown, Mass. The ARF Eastern Region’s media and bookstore are also housed in this building, as are various other important Armenian community organizations. The ARF Eastern Region holds a convention annually and calls various consultative meetings and conferences throughout the year.


  1. Mr. Pashinyan’s explanation of his quick decision re. Karabagh is not totally unjustifiable, though not the best. But let’s not forget his unique role in Armenia’s “Velvet Revolution”. He’s shown love of country and the people of Karabagh & Armenia.
    Let’s not unite in anger & condemnation but in a spirit of understanding, and work together with hope for victory!

    Let’s not be united in anger & criticism but in a spirit of forgiveness &

    • You know what, real love shows in actions, not words. It’s time to understand that for the two and a half years in power the guy did absolutely nothing for Armenua. Our army was ill-prepared and ill-armed. Why? Yes, Azerbaijan had more money but, in that case, why did the pm pay exorbitant bonuses to his staff, renovated his mansion, left by Serj and in great condition, for $2 mil, wasted money on stupid pet projects for nothing and while the enemy was preparing for the war, he was on a vacation riding horses. Worst of all, he started the war with the intention to give away lands. Hadrut and Shushi we’re just gifted to the enemy. Why? Then he signed that infamous paper behind peoples’ backs giving Artsakh tovthd enemy. Is that love? Enough with trying to save his face. He is the biggest traitor in our history.

    • Wakeup, the man single handily sold Armenia to your enemy. Stop believing his lies, he abused his constitutional rights, and needs to step down ASAP.

  2. Vengeance has always been the staple of the Dashnak party. Vrezh! Good for you.
    But this is the 21st century and there is something called a democratic process. If you are not happy with the current government you can elect another one officially when the time comes, or propose your candidates. Right now Mr. Pashinyan is the person we MANDATED, yes, we mandated, (and we do not have to mandate him each time a decision has to be made, especially in dire emergency situations such as the war we were just in) to act on behalf of the people. He has acted in the best interests of the people, and to be fair without much choice. Stop scapegoating him for others’ shortcomings, and the national disasters of the past 30 years leading us here; and if you have something constructive, such as lobbying Washington, or using other influences, or helping with the relief efforts, do so, but stop creating a volatile situation in the country which is EXACTLY what our opponents want. That is the best way to lose what we have left, and some… Let’s not repeat the past. We have not forgotten Gars and Ardahan…
    The document he signed has preserved what we have even if it seems that it gave away some. Because without its signature, ALL would have been lost along with thousands of lives. Do you have sons in the army? Brothers?
    Lands may return someday, lost lives NOT! Any decent human being looking at the big picture can see that. But obviously, all you are guided by is VREZH against Mr. Pashinian. This is not good politics if you call yourselves a political party; although it is exactly in line with the way ARF operates and has operated throughout our history. Vrezh is good if aimed against our opponents; the outside enemies. It is time to change your vision, and modernize. We are no longer in the mode of “Baykar, Baykar, Minchev Verch!” or “Vrezh!” We are in the mode of Mutual Tolerance and Understanding, Construction, Development, and now, PEACE!

  3. Since Round 1 of the Artsakh conflict ended in 1994 we collectively have failed to take the steps necessary to prevail in 2020. We placed our military in the position of facing a much larger military force without the capability to defend themselves from contemporary weaponry and firepower. Our soldiers lacked effective defensive capability or countermeasures. The spirit of the Armenian people—the patriotic fervor—is necessary but not sufficient to win.
    Now we are engaged in assigning blame. It seems if we want to identify those that let us down—then form a circle and point to the opposite person. Anger and this accusatory reflex is understandable but may not be helpful. The news reports are a significant contributor to our shock. The news reports said we remained in control of the battlefield—that we were moving back to better strategic positions—that we were inflicting heavy losses. The news reports fell well short of accurately conveying the steadily deteriorating Armenian position.
    Going forward requires that we now do the work necessary to protect Armenia.
    We will need to build a network of friends—friends with claws. The International Relations pitch is dressed in expressions of serving justice and equity. Strip away this veneer; Quid Pro Quo is the reality. We bring nothing to the game. We are supported with sympathy and expressions of concern. The diaspora is well organized and active but by itself insufficient to deliver allied firepower. Unlike Azerbaijan we can not rely on natural resources to provide our Quo. Speculatively it may lie in the IT sector of the economy and enticing global high-tech companies to have significant centers in Armenia. This may help create interdependence between Armenia and powerful countries. At the root of this maturing possibility is the education system. This is a long cycle effort with major education investment the lever to make this a reality.
    The obvious need to never again handicap our defensive forces with previous generation equipment and tactical limitations of yesterday’s hardware. Our small numbers drive the undeniable imperative that Armenian combatants must be leveraged by advanced weaponry. This most probably will require a greater level of high-tech domestic military research and production capability to supplement expensive external acquisitions.

    Underlying it all—continuing the strengthening of Armenian democracy and creating an economy that can enable our defense.

  4. It is high time for our unity with or without Nikol. We need to provide a Diaspora army base in the US for emergencies to help our nation in Armenia or Artsakh during a war or immediate emergencies.

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