ACAA Donating Over $60,000 to ARS-ER Lebanon Relief Fund

The Armenian Cultural Association of America (ACAA) is honored to aid the Lebanese Armenian community in their time of need. To date, the ACAA has raised over $60,000 and will be transferring these funds to the Armenian Relief Society Eastern Region (ARS-ER) Lebanon Relief Fund which has raised $50,000 for this effort. The ACAA and ARS-ER have collectively raised well over $110,000 for the benefit of the Lebanese Armenian community.

The ARS-ER, for over 100 years, has served the Armenian people and been at the forefront of humanitarian relief for Armenians around the world. The money raised will assist in feeding families in need, rebuilding the infrastructure of the Armenian community and ease the financial hardship now gripping Lebanon. The funds raised are critical to the preservation of a community that has served as the lifeblood of all Armenian communities around the world.

The ACAA supplies major grants to the Hairenik and Armenian Weeklies and funds projects in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora for the cultural, educational and humanitarian benefit of our nation.

Those wishing to donate to the Lebanon Relief Fund can do so through the following links:

Those wishing to support the activities of the ACAA can donate here –

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Guest Contributor

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