New AYF-ER Campaign to Help Feed Families in the Homeland

A family in the Talin region

YEREVAN—The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Eastern Region has launched a new campaign to help support its AYF Armenia counterpart.

The campaign is called “Raffle for the Cause.” The purpose of the social media initiative is to raise money for several different fundraising efforts within the youth organization and its sister organizations. A new initiative will be selected every month; the first month has been designated to AYF Armenia and its work supporting 300 families in the Syunik Region.

Earlier this month, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Armenia and Nikol Aghpalian Student Association started the “Help Your Compatriot – #TogetherWeWillWin” project. AYF members have been packing and delivering care packages to vulnerable compatriots living in border regions. More than 1,150 families in the border settlements and provinces of Tavoush, Vayots Dzor, Shirak, Talin, Ashotsk and Kergharkunik have received this aid. The packages contain essentials including among them cracked wheat, flour, lentils, rice and soap.  

Members and volunteers from Homenetmen and the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) have been helping prepare the food packages as well.

Many of these families have moved to these afflicted regions from Western Armenia and do not neglect the opportunity to share the stories of their ancestors with visiting AYF members. In Ashotsk recently, AYF members met Grandma Jenya, who talked about the daily struggles of living in the marzes of Armenia. Grandma Jenya also described the people in need of help and how the smallest donations could make a difference and help a family. 

Grandma Jenya from Ashotsk

In the coming days and weeks, AYF members will continue to press forward at the Aram Manougian agoump in Yerevan, assembling and delivering packages to villages in desperate need of this aid. Interested donors are encouraged to participate in supporting fellow compatriots and being the reason a family in Shirak has food on the table for the next two weeks. 

A little boy and his mother in Khndzorut, Vayotz Dzor province
Meghri Dervartanian

Meghri Dervartanian

Meghri Dervartanian is a member of the AYF-YOARF Greater Boston "Nejdeh" Chapter as well as the Homenetmen Boston Chapter. She started her own tutoring and social media platform called "Armenian Crash Course" where she teaches and promotes Western Armenian. She is the author of multiple Armenian children's books, which can be found on her website,, as well as at various bookstores in the area and internationally.
Meghri Dervartanian

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