Announcing the Hairenik, Armenian Weekly Special Anniversary Issue

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Hairenik and the Armenian Weekly recently announced that they will be publishing a joint, full-color magazine issue for the 12th consecutive year.

Due out in December, the magazine will be dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Hairenik and the 85th anniversary of the Armenian Weekly. It will feature research, analysis, op-eds, and photographs by a host of former and current newspaper editors, longtime contributors, and commentators.

Rupen Janbazian (Photo: Aaron Spagnolo)

Rupen Janbazian, former editor of the Armenian Weekly and current editor of Hamazkayin’s online cultural platform h-pem, will serve as the guest editor for the English portion of the magazine issue, alongside Armenian Weekly assistant editor Leeza Arakelian, who has been helping copy edit the final product.

“We are happy to have Rupen back to edit this commemorative issue, which will celebrate 120 years of dedication to the Armenian nation,” noted George Aghjayan, chair of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern U.S. Central Committee. “As a former editor of our English paper, Rupen understands and appreciates the impact our publications have on Armenian communities not only in the Eastern U.S., but around the world,” Aghjayan added.

The commemorative magazine will feature an extensive history of the newspapers, including how they were first conceived and brought to life. The issue will also highlight the personal memories and anecdotes of several former editors.

“We hope to transport readers to 1899 to tell the story of how the Hairenik was born and how it has stood the test of time,” said Janbazian. “Through this magazine, we will provide readers with insight into the history of our newspapers, but also start important conversations about their futures,” added Janbazian.


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  1. It is my hope that our community , through this
    anniversary, increases its advocacy for Armenian
    journalism. I remember waiting for the Weekly as a kid.
    It opened a whole world to me. Several years later
    meeting the king time editor James Tashjian was a big thrill.
    We always talk about encouraging our children to read.
    Encouraging writing develops creative thinking. Bravo and
    congratulations to the Hairenik Association.

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