ARF Bureau Condemns Turkey’s Attack on Syria

The Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has strongly condemned Turkey’s brutal attack on Syria, calling on the international community to combat Ankara’s destructive efforts that threaten the security of the region.

Below is the English translation of the announcement.

Once again, with complete disregard to internationally guaranteed rights of states and individuals, Turkey overtly has launched a military attack on northeastern Syria. The Turkish plan to establish a so-called security zone threatens not only Syria’s territorial integrity, but also the security of the Kurdish majority that lives in the area, as well as other national and religious minorities, among them Armenians, and aims to create a new demographic order in the area.

By sponsoring extremists groups in Syria for a long time, Turkey, under the guise of fighting terrorism, has opened the door to new dangers for the escalation of massacres, deportation, reactivation of terrorist groups and the beginning of a new humanitarian crisis.

It is of concern that all of this is taking place at a time that international efforts are underway to address domestic challenges and create an atmosphere of reconciliation and peace in Syria. A further cause for alarm is the incongruous reaction toward the genocidal government’s new criminal activities the by forces and organizations engaged in mediating the peace effort.

Thus, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau:

  • Condemns the actions of the criminal Turkish regime which has declared war on sovereign nation with genocidal intentions toward the majority Kurdish population and national minorities in the area;
  • Pledges to contribute to efforts in securing the safety of our brethren who are in the immediate areas of the military operation and assist in relief efforts;
  • Expresses its solidarity with the friendly people of Syria and finds it imperative that nations engaged in the regional processes and the international community take resolute steps to halt the Turkish regime with the aim of securing stable peace in the region.

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  1. Pres. Trump has failed as our U.S. President on betraying the Kurds by pulling U.S. Troops out of Nothern Syria. If it was not for the Kurds whom helped in eliminating the ISIS, those IS rebels would have taken over Syria, Iraq, & other Arab Nations. Trump should be held accountable on betraying the Kurds & allowing the Turks to move in & kill Kurds, Armenians, Syrians, & other Ethnic People. He also has yet to recognize the Armenian Genocide. I call him Pro-Turkish.

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