Support the Hairenik Weekly, Armenian Weekly on their 120th, 85th Anniversaries

“At a time when the ethnic press is teetering on the brink of change, both the Armenian Weekly and Hairenik publications continue to toe the line with a vision to the future,” wrote longtime Weekly columnist Tom Vartabedian five years ago.

This year, as the Hairenik is celebrating its 120th anniversary and the Armenian Weekly its 85th, the words of our late writer who contributed to our papers for half a century, ring true as ever.

As the Hairenik and Weekly newspapers celebrate their anniversaries, the emphasis is less on gatherings, parties and fundraising events and more on tackling the challenges posed by the digital age and improving the newspapers’ content and presentation. 

A new media lab is currently under construction on the fourth floor of the Hairenik building. The print newspapers and their digital presence are being upgraded. And our network of writers, contributors and columnists continues to expand.

The Hairenik has also revived its role in publishing. After the success of the English translation of Andranik Tzarukian’s Letter to Yerevan, we are gearing up to publish several books and special magazine issues in the coming months.

Everything the Hairenik Association has achieved over the past 120 years is owed to its readers, subscribers, supporters and contributors. As we embark on this next decade of service to the Armenian community in the Eastern United States and beyond, we rely on your support again.

—If you enjoy your subscription to the Hairenik and Armenian Weeklies;

—If you appreciate reading our publications online without subscription walls that have become the norm for publications;

—If you would like to see our newspapers continue pushing the boundaries of Armenian journalism, providing commentary and analysis from Armenia, Artsakh and throughout the Diaspora,

then please consider making a donation.

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