ARF Eastern US Condemns Attempts to Change Anthem

CHICAGO, Ill.—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern United States released the following statement on February 24 following the 121st Regional Convention.


The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern United States 121st Regional Convention is deeply troubled that several members of the Armenian National Assembly’s majority party, headed by the Parliament’s Vice-President, have over-stepped their mandate and are using extra-parliamentary social media and other platforms to change the Armenian national anthem.

We condemn any attempt to discredit our national values and state symbols and emphatically affirm that this discussion about changing state symbols has no legal basis. Our state symbols, which were created thanks to the sacrifices of those who were martyred for the establishment of our nationhood, are non-negotiable.

The newly elected authorities in our Homeland face serious challenges—we demand that they abstain from diverting attention to artificial agendas and concentrate on finding solutions to the vital problems of the Homeland and the Armenian people.


  1. Why is this surprising, this is just a natural progression of serving the interests of “Armenia’s ally” right after selling off Armenia’s infrastructure, interests and security by the traitor class of Appartachiks in order to turn Armenia back to Soviet subservience but without the name. And this allows them to brown nose the “ally” a lot further so that the bone that they are chewing might become two bones perhaps like a hungry dog awaiting a treat from its master. Next up: make Russian a second “official language” in Armenia. Next: make Russian language and history mandatory in all schools. Next: start building Russian community centers and churches everywhere. Etc. It becomes boringly predictable after a while. And why not? It doesn’t look there there is any end in sight for the unpatriotic clowns running Armenia to hand over title to the country to the highest bidder, or should I say the former ‘owner’.

  2. How do Armenians vote for those who want to change their nationality symbols. If they do this next they may ask to change the thrie color or Armenian name or language.
    Those kind of people should be removed from power.

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