33rd ARF World Congress Elects New Bureau

STEPANAKERT—On January 24, 2019 the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) 33rd World Congress, which convened on January 16 in the Artsakh capital, concluded its activities.

After diligently addressing its agenda, the World Congress elected a Bureau—the highest governing body of the organization.

In its plenary session, the ARF Bureau elected Hagop Der-Khachadourian as its chairman.

Other 12 members of the ARF Bureau are:

Armen Rustamyan: President
Viken Baghoumian
Aram Kaloustian
Viken Yacoubian
Hagop Khatcherian
Arsen Hampartsoumyan
Giro Manoyan
Benjamin Bechakjian
Spartak Seyranyan
Raffi Donabedian
Hovsep Der-Kevorkian
Mourad Papazian

ARF Bureau Public Information Office
Stepanakert, Artsakh
January 24, 2019



  1. Need clarification.
    In English, Hagop Khachadourian was elected as “Chairman”
    In Armenian, he was elected ” Represenative”-
    New position!
    Vart Adjemian

  2. Old-New ARF Dashnaktsutyun Bureau formed.More of the same.I don’t consider this to be a good outcome and soon the people will show their negative attitude towards them by having no confidence in such a leadership as all the architects of the dismal coalition backers are still there and should not have been elected. I call this a political fudge and will have very little support & mileage amongst the electorate.A lost opportunity gone down the tube,not even a single apology for their scandalous governance of 12 years with a corrupt lot to put it mildly.

  3. What will change in the ARF? I don’t believe anything tangible will change since people like armen rustamyan are still in the Bureau with a new title,after all he said that Nikol was terrorising the minds of the people, what a stupid and disgraceful statement to make along with hrant,it was the government that they were partners with who was terrorising the people for all these years, the facts speak loud and clear,and if hrant is given to run the ARF Armenia chapter soon or the likes of him that will a total disaster for the ARF. I would like to see Hakop Ter-Khachatryan who is a very decent person and an intellectual along with a few others reform and clean the party of such thinkers and make it a modern party and get rid of all the secret and cloak and dagger methods as times and conditions are not the same as 70 years ago,but sadly its a tall order as there are people in the party who are still in leadership positions which is not in their interest to carry out such reforms.

  4. A bit clearer but still need further clarification.. The ARF bureau has a chairman and a president; what are their roles, functions and responsibilities?
    7 members were reelected. 6 are newly elected.
    On January 27 2019 PM Pashinian met with the ARF bureau members. Chairman DerKhatchoudrian and the four members from Armenia.

    According to news reports Pashinian has said ” Our government is intent on having a broad and productive cooperation with Dashnatsutyun. Obviously we don’t have the same views on many issues but a quite a few other issues the vectors of our perceptions converge”.
    It will be most helpful and illuminating to get clarity on the many issues on which the views are not the same, but the quite few on which there is agreement.
    Hopefully clarifications will be forthcoming.
    Vart Adjemian

    • The meetings with government officials were good photo ops for the diaspora and not signals for value.
      Dialogue is fine and it looks good in ARF press. However,the reality remains: ARF has no influence, is out of touch and remains a chapter in history.
      Many complained about the political actions of the last Bureau in an environment of no matter what ARF did it was faulty. So, at W. Congress what did the complainers do ?
      The past Bureau has been vindicated. They could not do anything right anyway with no organizational footing. The new Bureau is likewise shackled.
      Pashinyan –tongue in cheek-had welcomed the party to W. Congress to find “new ideas”.
      Organizational stagnation is alive and well.
      Outcome of W. Congress does not indicate a hint of change or movement to consider change.
      For 129 years, ARF has never encouraged ideas for change or a new way of “doing things”. If new ideas were mentioned by members, they were considered “anti” and punished.
      Ideology prevails with no translation to reality.
      Same soundbites.

  5. New way of doing what? What do you want the Tashnags to do, to entertain your fairy tale?
    Tashnags have produced GAMAVORS since its inception. They protectet your butt, Diaspora Armenians,Armenia, Javakh, and Artsakh. Is that not enough Baron SHADAKHOS? Tashnagtzutyun, has been the backbone of Armenia and the Armenians worldwide. Tashnagtzutyun and Hunchugyans, are very dear to me. We protected our community in Lebanon during the civil war in ’75-’77. To read all these comments about the leadership of ARF, is nothing short of the statement made by, Levon Tavajan Petrosyan against Tashnagtzutyun back in ’94 when he extradited Hrayr Marukhyan, the chairman of the ARF of Armenia. Maybe, in your opinion they may not have experienced leadership, then again look at Pashinyan, the BOZO, and his clowns running Armenia, you call that experienced leadership? Tashnagtzutyun will forever be the protectorate of the Armenian Nation no matter what. Proud to be a T❤shn❤g.

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