Armenia’s National Assembly Approves New Government Program

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presenting his government’s program to parliament (Photo: Press service of the National Assembly of Armenia)

YEREVAN—Armenia’s National Assembly approved on Thursday Armenia’s new government’s program with 62 votes for and 39 against.

The government’s policy program calls for sweeping reforms and measures against corruption. The program also calls for snap parliamentary elections in the country.

The program notes that Armenia’s current parliament does not reflect the “real political mood” of the people of Armenia and that free, fair, and democratic elections must be held within a year.

Most of the 52 deputies representing the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) voted against the proposed program, though the party’s leadership ensured that some of its members backed the plan so that it would pass. Snap parliamentary elections would have been called for early next month if the program was not approved by the National Assembly.

In his hour-long address to parliament, Prime minister Nikol Pashinyan  did not specify possible election dates. The call for early elections are also backed by the Tsarukyan alliance and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), Pashinyan’s parliamentary partners

According to RFE/RL’s Armenian service, the approved program commits Pashinyan’s newly appointed cabinet to reinforcing the rule of law, eliminating widespread corruption, and achieving substantial and inclusive economic growth. The program also looks to eliminate monopolies and to create equal business opportunities for all.

“I said at a recent meeting with a group of entrepreneurs and want to repeat that all businesspeople in Armenia are now exempt from all kinds of corrupt obligations [to state officials]… Any prosecutor, police chief, tax inspector or minister who will try to grab a share in a business or impose a ‘duty’ on any business owner will be my personal enemy and will have to brace for a crushing blow from the state and the law,” Pashinyan remarked, according to RFE/RL’s English translation. “The system of economic monopolies is living its last days in Armenia … Everyone will be taxed in the same way and by the same laws,” he added

ARF leader Armen Rustamyan defended the government program, noting that the new government is committed to “eliminating hurdles hampering our progress.”


  1. This is a positive step.
    It gives much needed time for the New Government Program to be implemented.
    The end of corruption will be a major favorable development for businesses to thrive and put an end to the monopolies of the oligarchs.
    Hope and pray it is successful.

    Economic Recovery is a national safety and security issue of priority,
    Vart Adjemian

  2. Way to go Mr. Prime Minister. God be with you & Armenia for thinking loud & clear for our people & Nation. Blessed Motherland


    Once this has occurred, Armenia can join the ranks of civilized nations with prosperous economies to invest in its military, education, science, technology and renewable resources!

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