Obituary: Vasilika Effeyan Kalikian

Vasilika Effeyan Kalikian, passed away on April 19 at the Citizens Nursing Home in Frederick, Maryland at the age of 88. Mrs. Kalikian was born in Bucharest, Romania. In 1948, Romania fell under communist rule, and she emigrated to Armenia, USSR along with her family. They eventually settled in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, where she met her husband, Aram Kalikian, also an immigrant from Bucharest. Later, the Kalikians emigrated with their sons to the US and made their home in New York City.

She is survived by her oldest son Hagop (Jack) in Nevada, his wife Armine, and their sons, Aram and Narek; her younger son, Varoujan (Roger) in Maryland, his wife Aida, and children Arpi and Arman; her sister-in-law Louisa Kazandjian in Massachusetts; her nieces Noel and Silvia in Paris, France; and her nieces, Zarmine Benzer of New Jersey, Haigui Beurekjian of Salem, Mass. and Araxie Vann of Fairfax, Va.

Mrs. Kalikian and her husband braved many hazards to come and settle in the United States. Their love of their adopted country, along with their generosity and devotion to the Armenian community, will be remembered by their survivors.

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Guest Contributor

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  1. I am so sorry I did not hear about her death until now. My heart and prayers go out to to the family. I know this was very hard on everyone, but glad my prayers helped her in her final days.

    Kathleen Caponiti

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