AYF Western U.S. Issues Statement on Political Protests in Armenia

GLENDALE— The Armenian Youth Federation Western United States (AYF-WUS) issued the following statement on April 18, as protests, demonstrations, and various acts of civil disobedience against former President Serge Sarkisian’s election as Armenia’s Prime Minister continue to rage for a sixth straight day in Yerevan.

Below is the statement in its entirety.


The Armenian Youth Federation Western United States (AYF-WUS) supports the right of every Armenian citizen to peacefully protest and express their views.

In the past week, thousands have taken to the streets of Yerevan, discontent with the state of affairs in the country, primarily the ascension of Serge Sarkisian the post of Prime Minister.

The AYF-WUS, alongside concerned Armenians throughout our communities, continues to monitor the developments with a watchful eye towards the protection of the rights of all Armenians. We express our concern about violent clashes between police and demonstrators and condemn the use of excessive force.

Historically, the AYF has organized protests and acts of civil disobedience as a means of political expression. We fully understand the importance and efficacy of such direct action to engage the masses in critical issues. We wholeheartedly endorse the right to exercise the freedom of speech, assembly, and dissent as cornerstones of all mature democracies.

It is our conviction that Armenia’s future lies in the hands of the indomitable and incorruptible spirit of its citizens. We believe the new constitution and transition to a parliamentary form of government will bring about fundamental institutional change. These reforms, if properly implemented, will address the failures of the prior political system. Civic participation is essential to return power to the people and hold the government accountable.

It is incumbent upon us to work hand-in-hand, across borders and across generations for the betterment of our homeland. Nation-building is an ongoing, laborious, and arduous task that requires steadfast principle and active engagement. We remain committed to this process undeterred.


  1. “Nice” words by the AYF, but maybe the AYF can question its parent organization (ARF) as to why it decided to vote in favor of electing Serge Sarkisian as the new Prime Minister of Armenia given his track record as the previous two term President of Armenia. Is having a couple ministerial posts in the government more important than developing new leaders who will take the interests of the people of Armenia instead of electing people to lead the government who have shown that they have not worked for the benefit of the people of Armenia, such as Mr. Sarkisian
    The reason the protests are taking place in Armenia now is a direct result of the election of Mr. Sarkisian as the PM & the ARF was an active supporter of his election.
    The words of the ARF/AYF in support of the right of the citizens of Armenia to protest is meaningless when the ARF is part of the problem & not part of the solution
    Action speaks louder than words.The ARF/AYF have fallen short of showing through their actions that they are working in the interests of the people of Armenia.

  2. The position of AYF is highly appreciated. It is hoped that other organization will follow the example of the AYF declaration and support the revolution in Armenia.

  3. It is very convenient for AYF to support the “winier”. Previously it was ARF, and now opposition, or at least breaking up with the looser. I agree with the first post. The problem is that politicians don’t care much about people, they just need to get to the power, to start stilling with other politicians. So, the question is who is willing to “share” some with people, while still stilling from the people. Corruption in Armenia is out of control. It is shame and I do want to hope that one day that may change.

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