‘They Shall Not Perish’ Armenian Genocide Documentary Now Streaming on Netflix

WATERTOWN, Mass. (A.W.)—The Armenian Genocide documentary “They Shall Not Perish” is now streaming on the popular on-demand video service Netflix.

The Armenian Genocide documentary “They Shall Not Perish” is now streaming on the popular on-demand video service Netflix (Screenshot: Netflix.com)

Written and directed by George Billard and produced by Near East Foundation Board Chairman Emeritus Shant Mardirossian, the film is an in-depth look into the efforts of the Near East Relief (NER) to raise funds and save thousands of orphans of the Armenian Genocide.

Speaking to the Armenian Weekly’s Rupen Janbazian last October, Mardirossian said his number-one priority was to get as many people to watch the film and learn about the Armenian Genocide and about the mass relief effort. “We are currently finalizing an agreement with Netflix, which will have it be available to Netflix customers starting Jan. 2018,” Mardirossian said during the Oct. 2017 interview. “We’ve also partnered with Facing History and Ourselves, an organization that promotes the teaching and education of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and other dark chapters of history that need to be taught. They will be using the film as a part of their revised Armenian Genocide curriculum.”

NER’s response to reports of “race extermination” against the Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and other Christian minorities of the Ottoman Empire is considered the United States’ first collective display of overseas humanitarian aid, raising more than $116 million in 15 years and mobilize thousands of volunteers to help the effort.

The documentary has been available on Netlflix since Jan. 1.



  1. They have not perished from our hearts. We still have a ARMENIA homeland. Best of all the survivors of the 1914 and 1915 years of BLOODSHED have given the legacy of armenians all over the world.

  2. Continue educating everybody .the world needs to know .so everybody learns the truth about the Armenian genocide & holocaust & all other tragedies of dark past .infuse knowledge & understanding to the world .

  3. Great to read about this excellent film in the Armenian Weekly. The Facing History educator network has easy access to the film on our website, http://www.facinghistory.org, and members of the public can view it there, too, if they register for FH account (free of charge). FH has other related readings and videos, also free and available to the public and our educator network. P. D. Keenan, Facing History staff.

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