‘Flaming Pit’ Restaurant in Watertown to Reopen Next Week after Overnight Fire

WATERTOWN, Mass. (A.W.)—Last night, at around 8 p.m., a fire broke out at a new Armenian restaurant on Arsenal Street in Watertown, Mass. It had opened on Oct. 24.

The Flaming Pit restaurant (Photo: Karine Vann/The Armenian Weekly)

According to owner Tigran Yesayan, the damage was not severe. “We don’t know exactly what caused the fire yet, because I haven’t gotten the report from the fire department,” Yesayan told the Armenian Weekly, “but it happened in the chimney.”

The restaurant will be opening its doors again to customers next week. The damage, covered by insurance, has already been repaired. “We don’t want our customers to wait longer than we need to. We have a lot of calls coming in, a lot of people stopping by, and we have to tell them to come back later,” explained Yesayan.

A screenshot from a video posted to Facebook of the fire burning in the Flaming Pit restaurant (Photo: Julie Jules’ Facebook page)

Yesayan opened the business just a month ago. “I used to work in a restaurant long time ago when I just moved to the U.S., and I always had this idea of opening my own,” he explained.

The Mass Fire District 14 Incident Alerts Facebook page posted about the fire on Thursday evening

Yesayan moved to the United States from Armenia in 2002, and came to Watertown a year later. He chose to open his restaurant in Watertown because of the large Armenian community, he said.

“Business has been good. It’s a very warm atmosphere here, and people have been leaving us good reviews and usually come back,” he said.

Those interested in dining at the restaurant can do so next week when it reopens it doors to the public.

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