Report: Israeli Drone Maker Deployed Bombs on Armenian Army Positions for Azerbaijan

TEL AVIV, Israel (A.W.)—The Israeli Defense Ministry is investigating whether the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems was asked to demonstrate the use of an unmanned armed aircraft in Azerbaijan against an Armenian military position.

The Orbiter 1K

According to a report by Israel-based Maariv newspaper, Israel’s Defense Ministry recently received a complaint claiming that a team from Aeronautics Defense Systems traveled to Azerbaijan with the intention to finalize a contract for the sale of company’s Orbiter 1K drone, and they were asked to deploy the armed aircraft against a military position of the Armenian Armed Forces.

“As a rule, the Defense Ministry does not make it a practice to comment on issues involving military exports. The claim is being examined by the relevant parties at the ministry,” Israel’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement, as reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Aeronautics Defense Systems has denied the allegation, claiming that the deployment was carried out by the purchaser of the aircraft and that the company never demonstrates the operation of the drone on live targets.

Below is a video of a simulation of the Orbiter 1K (Video: Practical Information).

“Aeronautics markets its products to customers in about 50 different countries, [and] only in accordance with approval from the Defense Export Controls Agency. The operational action was carried out by the purchaser alone and on its responsibility. Aeronautics has never carried out demonstrations on live targets, and that was true in this case as well,” the company said in a statement.

According to the Maariv report, the two Israeli operators of the aircraft refused to strike the Armenian position. The report goes on to say they were then threatened after remaining firm in their refusal. Eventually, a senior representatives of the company armed and deployed the drone.

The unmanned aircrafts are said to have missed their targets and no damage was caused. According to the complaint, one of the drones struck at a distance of about 330 feet from the Armenian military position.


  1. Time to provide weaponry to the Palestinians to use against the Israeli soldiers. Why not? Israeli’s dont seem to care about their weapons industry going to kill Armenians. DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE ZIONISTS.

  2. Israeli government will hopefully take note of the murderous use of their technology by Muslims against Christians and did the right thing by stopping any further sales of military technology to Azerbaijan.

  3. If this is true, SHAME on israel and this is the same mob who refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. SHAME on israel, these guys would do anything for money.

    • Robert, exactly. Shame on Israel crying over their atrocities. We Armenians feel and have always felt & their pain. The Armenian genocide happened way before their Holocaust. Money talks for sure. Up yours Israel, never will I feel guilty or bad for your country try or people ever again.

  4. So what happened to thou shell not kill. Shame on anyone killing for monitory gain. Any enemy drone seen flying over Armenia or Artsakh is up to no good and should be shot down.

  5. I’m in Israeli and I truly hope this is false.
    We love Armenia, all the people in Israel know about the Armenian genocide. The government did not acknowledge it yet due to politics with the Turks, but soon they will! As soon as Netanyaho will be replaced.
    God bless you all, you have a special place in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where the beautiful mountains of Armenia are shown in an amazing floor mosaic. I’m Jewish, and we all know that the remaining of Noah’s Ark can still be found in the Ararat Mountains. It seems that the world needs a new flood in certain parts of the world again. God bless you all.

    • Azerbaijan already obtained Harop Kamikaze Drones from Israel, already part of Azerbaijan’s arsenal of weapons, in April. 2016, and used against Armenia’s Karabakh Stronghold, during the 4-Day Karabakh War. April, 2016, video footage of the Harop Drone showed it swoop down (in the fashion of a Japanese Kamikaze attack), then blow up its ground based target.

      The Kamikaze Drone Attack claimed the lives of seven Armenians: The Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman … announced that seven people were killed in what he said was an Azerbaijani drone attack on a bus carrying volunteers to the region. Hovhannisyan also posted about the Harop on his Facebook page indicating that it was piloted by Azerbaijani forces.”

  6. Satanyahoo is fully responsible, for this senseless activities! This will stir up Israeli warm relationship with Western European countries!

  7. Well two can play the same game.
    Armenia should supply weapons to Israels enemies in particular Hezzbollah and see what happens when Hezzbollah uses them against Israel.

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