Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (June 17, 2017)


Epitaph: a monumental lie.

An Anonymous View of Married Life

Some go to night clubs
And some take to liquor
But some, to fight boredom,
Just sit there and bicker.
When evenings are dullish
For man and for wife,
A spat’s just the ticket
To bring things to life.
A word of suspicion,
A jibe that is mean,
Suffices for starting
A gay little scene.
So loosen the jawbone
And make with the yak,
Remarks that are nasty
Bring nasty ones back.
It’s cheaper than movies,
More healthful than drink,
It gives you an appetite,
Prompts you to think.
It peps things up nicely
For husbands and wives—
Just lay off the chinaware,
Pistols, and knives.

On the Attack Outside the Turkish Ambassador’s Residence

The Turkish hoodlums came out of their obscurity into the limelight with a great grandstand play. They did a better job of discrediting the Turkish government than we Armenians were ever able to do.

What’s in a Name?

Magarian: Greek in derivation, identified as a descriptive term, magar, from makarios is defined as happy, lucky

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