Azerbaijani Forces Fire at Baghanis Border Village


Mayor Tells the Armenian Weekly Two Homes Were Damaged

BAGHANIS, Armenia (A.W.)—On the night of May 31, Armenia’s Baghanis village of the Tavush province was shelled by Azerbaijani forces.

Both Baghanis village Mayor Narek Sahakyan and Armenian Defense Ministry Spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan confirmed the attack.

Baghanis Mayor Narek Sahakyan (Photo:

Though Hovhannisyan told reporters that there were no damages as a result of the shooting Baghanis Mayor Narek Sahakyan of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) told the Armenian Weekly that the roof of one home and the gutter of another were damaged in the shelling.

Sahakyan added that the situation at the border is currently calm and that the Armenian Armed Forces are in control of the situation.

On June 1, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced that Azerbaijani forces had destroyed an Artsakh Defense Army observation tower, along with military equipment, on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan Line of Contact (LoC). A video was also included in their statement.

Shortly after the Azerbaijani statement was released, the Artsakh Defense Ministry published a statement calling the Azerbaijani announcement misinformation and a product of the country’s “military propaganda.” The statement added that the situation at the LoC is under the control of the Artsakh Army.


  1. I thought that Armenia and Russia had a mutual defense treaty that is supposed to take effect when a country such as Azerbaijan attacks Armenia itself.

    Ho-hum, so much for treaties with Russia.

    Notice that Russia does honor treaties with Turkey that appropriated Armenian lands.

    • Russia will be more than happy to take entire Armenian population toward their own Federation and leave Armenian lands, as buffer zone, against Turkic herds!

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