Vice President of Swedish-Turkish Group Resigns after Calling for Death to ‘Armenian Dogs’

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (A.W.)—Barbaros Leylani, the vice president of the Turkish National Association of Sweden, has resigned after calling for the death of “Armenian dogs” at a Stockholm rally last week, reported the Associated Press (AP).

Barbaros Leylani (Photo:
Barbaros Leylani (Photo:

Leylani’s hate speech came at an anti-Armenian rally held at Sergels Torg (Sergel’s Square), Stockholm’s central public square.

According to a report by Armenia’s ArmenPress, Leylani also called for the unification of Turkic republics. He declared, “Armenian scum must be finished,” in regard to the latest conflict in Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh).

'...Turkish and Azerbaijani diasporas (closely tied to Ankara and Baku) are pouring fuel on the fires of anti-Armenian hatred,' the ANCA remarked
The ‘…Turkish and Azerbaijani diasporas (closely tied to Ankara and Baku) are pouring fuel on the fires of anti-Armenian hatred,’ the ANCA remarked.

In his statement of resignation on the association’s website on April 11, Leylani apologized for his remarks, stating he was misunderstood. According to AP, Swedish legal watchdog Juridikfronten said it had reported Leyani to police for incitement of racial hatred.

“Armenians worldwide are protesting for peace and pressing for life-saving gunfire locators, while the organized Turkish and Azerbaijani diasporas (closely tied to Ankara and Baku) are pouring fuel on the fires of anti-Armenian hatred,” the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) remarked in a Facebook post on April 11.

Below are two videos showing Leylani’s public remarks.





  1. Dogs are beautiful animals! Being a genocidal Turk, however…

    Long live Armenia and Artsakh!!!

    Turkey OUT of Cyprus now!!!

  2. Turkish wolves in sheep’s clothing are exposing their true skin and hopefully the Europeans are taking notes. I never doubted the Turkish cowardice as it is evident in this report. This idiot did not even have the guts to stand by his words and apologized to save his career.

  3. I am an Armenian dog and Barbaros Leylani is a fire hydrant. Today is his lucky day… So, will you folks excuse me while I aim at the hydrant.

  4. And this religion he belongs to, does his god ask to mutilate dead soldiers and elderly, kill children, and more!?!
    If he loves his Turkish homeland, why is he living in beautiful, peaceful Sweden with great and kind people, go HOME to your republics.

    • He lives in Sweden to do what Turks do in Germany. All appearances, they integrate in the European society. They get welfare, and all the benefits of the deserving civilized hard working Northern Europeans. But stay who they are.

  5. Turks will never become part of European civilization, as long as people like him are around and get order from AKP terrorists!

  6. I wonder what Ms. Toumani and Ms. Sona Tatoyan would say about our ‘Anatolian family’ members calling Armenians dogs?

    • They would probably say that this was an “isolated incident” or a one off and that we can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Same lame excuses. The swedes are making the same excuses en mass- it will only be a matter of 70 to 80 years before this man starts making these remarks against swedes.

  7. Imagine that, a Turk calling an Armenian a “dog”. Were Turks not called “The sick man of Europe” for years? My only answer is how do we fund the Karabakh military?

  8. Shame on that vice-president of Swedish-Turkish
    So called group’s selfish, uncalled for garbage of shameful remarks. Armenian dogs? What about them? Genocidal wild shameless WOLVES who still after 100 years grotesquely DENY what their Ottoman forefathers did to Armenians under their controle & given half the chance would do it all over again. Is a bit RICH for them to call us DOGS when they know NOTHING about CIVILISATION & have learnt nothing from their mistakes!!! When they’r violating the most basic human rights in their own country of Turkey by banning newspapers, arresting top journalists, attacking people deliberately to alter voting results in favour of rulling party, kerp on denying the rights of their own as well as Kurdish people RIGHTS & have allowed 100s if not 1000s of terrorists to pass through Turkey & slip into Syria to join IS & terrorise people of that country for 5 years now at the expense of 250-300000 deaths there what can we expect from them? But being a member of NATO I blame their sponsors US, European Union, the rest of so called CIVILISED western world who keep arming & training them to do their durty work then what are we to expect from them?? Calling us DOGS?? Shame -shame & death to them & their NATO friends & supporters. We Armenians have no choice but to be & continue to arm ourselves & be UNITED & STRONG in order to survive & keep all our qualities & virtues in this troubled 21st century world. Turks haven’t changed, they’r the same Ottomans under a different BANNER under The Nato’s flag & support.

  9. Laylani should go back to the 1915 when Turkish Woolf packs attacked on peaceful Armenians .
    I don’t think anyone thinks about Turkish history as a great except them. They still have the same mentality: they reject democracy, peaceful communications and solve things trough the killing. They kill freedom, free speech and dreams of freedom.

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