ANCA calls on Obama Administration to end silence on Aliyev’s anti-Armenian aggression.

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  1. It is time for the U.S. State Dept. & the United Nations to wake up to Azerbaijan’s Aliyev;s anti-Armenian Aggression. Our soldiers on the Artsakh border with the Azeri’s are being killed one by one with nothing being done by the world powers. It is time for the Armenian Government & Artsakh forces to take action on this issue. Also, it is time for the Armenian Government to incorporate Artsakh, since over 25 years have gone by. Doesn’t anyone remember what the Soviets did with the Turks in taking away our Historic Lands. These issues must be brought up with the World Powers, otherwise Aliev whom is taking Military help not only from Israel but from Turkey & Russia. I thought Russia was an ally with Armenia and nobody brings these issues up for discussion. I rest my case.

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