32nd ARF World Congress Concludes, Elects New Bureau

YEREVAN—Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) delegates, leaders, and observers came to Yerevan from around the world on Jan. 16-24 for the 32nd ARF World Congress, the party’s highest decision-making assembly.

The 32nd World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) concluded on Jan. 24.
The 32nd World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation concluded on Jan. 24.

The Congress examined the activities of the ARF in the past cycle, and outlined priorities—political and strategic—for the upcoming term. The Congress discussed Armenia’s domestic state of affairs, foreign policy, and matters of national importance.

The Congress also elected its leadership for the next four years. The new ARF Bureau members are:

Vigen Baghoumian (Iran)

Viken Yacoubian (U.S.)

Hagop Khacherian (Lebanon)

Hrant Markarian (Armenia)

Giro Manoyan (Armenia)

Khatchig Mouradian (U.S.)

Beniamin Bouchakjian (Lebanon)

Hagop DerKhatchadourian (Canada)

Armen Rustamyan (Armenia)

Spartak Seyranyan (Armenia)

Mourad Papazian (France)

At its first plenary session, the ARF Bureau had elected Hrant Markarian as its chairman, and Armen Rustamyan as its representative of political affairs.


  1. 11 members and not a single woman. This is the socialist party that wants to take Armenian issues forward in the 21St century. Funny.

  2. Congratulations. Wish them All the Best. I am sure they are Fair and Understanding in their Internal Affairs. Good Luck and the Armenian God Bless them.

  3. Bravo,Serge. Women have contributed so much to the broad spectrum of Armenian political, economic, international and social issues, that
    not including them in the ARF hierarchy is a sad mistake.

  4. *** we need to congratulate all of them, best wishes for there work and I hope they can be as effective & strong for our glorious Armenia.

  5. “Where are the women?” I am not against that idea, but by the tone here with these kinds of questions above they are bordering on accusatory.

    So before I make the assumption that such questions are not sincere and are proposing the solution first then coming up with the problem second, would anyone here care to elaborate and show any evidence how qualified women have been prevented from moving up the ranks in the ARF because of the simple reason that they were women?

  6. I follow all Armenian organizations and their activities. None comes even close to the ARF in exposing women as speakers, leaders, lecturers, prominent activists. None! On the Armenian scene, the ARF plays a key, central role in advancing Armenian causes.

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