Armenian-Themed Motion Picture to Debut in December (Trailer)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (A.W.)—Lost and Found in Armenia, an all-Armenian-financed major motion picture, is scheduled to be released in the U.S. in December. The first production of Red Tie Films, a Glendale-based independent production company, this romantic comedy is directed by Gor Kirakosian and produced by Maral Djerejian and Valerie McCaffrey.

Jamie Kennedy of 'Malibu’s Most Wanted' and the 'Scream' trilogy, and Angela Sarafyan of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2,' 'A Beautiful Life,' and 'The Informers' play the lead roles.

Jamie Kennedy of Malibu’s Most Wanted and the Scream trilogy, and Angela Sarafyan of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2, A Beautiful Life, and The Informers, play the lead roles.

Shot primarily over the summer in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Armenia, Lost and Found is the story of an American named Bill who vacations in Turkey to try and recover from a recent breakup. A bungled parasailing trip lands him in a small Armenian town where he’s mistaken for a Turkish spy by its residents and labeled as missing, and soon finds himself falling for an Armenian woman. In the film, Bill is the son of a U.S. Senator. Well-known Armenian American lawyer Mark Geragos makes an appearance, negotiating with Turkey on behalf of the Senator and his son.

“There is an effort going on to establish a professional film business there as a way to get people outside the country to think of Armenia,” McCaffrey told the Public Radio of Armenia. “This will be the first production where we are having American and Armenian actors together. I hope this helps put Armenia on the map so more people know where it is.”

McCaffrey, whose maiden name is Boolootian, grew up in a large Armenian family in Fresno. She has worked as a casting director and producer for television and film for 30 years. Some of her projects include Soul Assassin, American History X, Babe, and Problem Child.

Yerevan-born Kirakosian co-wrote and directed the film Big Story in a Small City, which was widely acclaimed at numerous film festivals. He has also directed music videos and commercials for the Armenian entertainment market, which have aired worldwide.

Djerejian, who was raised in Beirut, has worked on such films as Sideways, The Right to Remain Silent, and Bob, Verushka & the Pursuit of Happiness.

Lost and Found in Armenia will initially be released in the U.S. and in Armenia, before the director and producer hope to release it to Asian audiences. Creators hope the film will be the Foreign Language entry from Armenia for the next Academy Awards.


Erin Henk

A former journalist, Erin Henk focused on the conflict-induced displacement of Baku Armenians as part of the completion of her master’s degree in human rights and humanitarian assistance at NYU in 2012. She has worked for the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and, until recently, worked in Kabul, Afghanistan for the International Rescue Committee.


  1. Thanks, Nigol! Although “major” motion picture is what the producers are stressing. But then again, “major” can be defined in a lot of ways!

  2. That’s great. Make movies all you want with the Armenian name tied to it. Just PLEASE don’t make another “Ararat”. What an embarassment that was.  That movie took the most beautiful Armenian name ARARAT, and destroyed it. Well lets see how a comedy does.

  3. Can’t wait to see the movie…very excited about it… the movie has all the GREAT actors i love.. especially the boys from Demq Show.. they are absolutely brilliant…

    and I personally loved Ararat…   

  4. Gayane. What did you like about the Ararat movie??? The part where an Armenian has sex with his cousin, or the part that shows you that an Armenian man is so gullible he gets suckered into transporting heroin. That movie had canada written all over it.
     I have watched the trailer for Lost and Found and it looks like it was written and shot quit well. Pretty funny too. Has more of a family theme. Its not sad, dark and confusing. Well done.

  5. Hope  they succeed.But as many know DRAMA´s  are  more  in demand and watched.
    So,should we  not also opt  for a motion picture-movie-  that  is similar  to the ¨Schindler´s List¨.
    There  is one  book  by jack Hashian-passed  on- titled  ¨m  a  m  i  g  o  n  ¨ that  if  script written and well directed and produced  will surpass  the Shindler´s List.
    Time  we came  up with a movie  that  encompasses ,in the interim, the massacres-genocide, packed  with suspense , hate, revenge, then  finally lovde between adversaries  and then in EXPECTATION  what  will follow.-
    Meaning  it leaves the reader to guess  on …as to Armeno Turkish future relations.
    the story  is quite  long and it could also be shot  in aserial format, for T.V. audiences.
    Like the film above  mentioned  it could be  American Armenian and to cut excessive  cost  shot  in Armenia  and even Western Armenia(turkish anatolia) .Latter part, mi
    ght also some how  serve  to  sooth relations. if  some get hold of the book and read  it ,then also reccomen d  it other Armenian  American Directors  like Keshishian… 

  6. these sort of movies would be a perfect opportunity to correct the mispronunciation of

    armenia amongst the english speaking people which is sounding like ar-min-ya, and

    ar-min-yan instead of

    ar-men-ia, and ar-men-ian

    armenias people are saying it right, thank god,

    why is attention not being paid to set the presentation on the right track???

    how rude it would be to acquaint yourself with a new person, and not be able to pronounce their name in the same way they do,

    how would it seem if i, as an armenia called someone by the name of james, yamis, or jay-ms

    i don’t blame the non-armenians, the fault lies with us we are the ones who are continuing the mistake, instead of correcting it we are repeating to otars, the incorrect way they perceived we call ourselves,

    i suppose we can blame the british and the wrong way they copied the sound from the russians,

    it is great that the french, and the germans, have it right

  7. Mr. Palandjian.. I agree with you .. absolutely we need a a drama that is equivolent or even surpasses Schindler’s List.. and if I am not mistaken one of the producers of Schindler’s List is Armenian correct???

    Comedy is great but we need a strong fact filled and captivating drama…  

    Gomidas jan- whatever it had it had.. but the fact remains effort and time went into it.. we have to acknowledge that.. it is nto easy to have an Armenian theme movie to burst on the screens..yes that movie was the cream of the crop but it was still impressive to get the attention it did…better movies will emerge as time goes by.. we have excellent and talented people…they will make it happen.. and it will be us to make sure their movies are watched…..    

  8. Yes.. that is it.. Thank you Mr. Palandjian…

    I also heard he was working with Speilberg to write and produce a movie about the Armenian Genocide.. I don’t know where I heard this but would you know Mr. Palandjian???

    if that happens.. that will be the grandiosest films ever….

  9. Dear Gayane,
    I don´t know about that.However, it was vaguely referred to in L.A. USArmenia magazine sometime ago that some director/producers were thinking about a film re genocide.
    My personal viewpoint is not in favour of that,as all know that in many documentaries shown hundreds of times, short such are shown .And sometimes believe it or not when these are shown,the massacred in rags etc.,the general public may probably…wrongly surmise that these are the Holaucaust victims-even if wor Armenian is quickly pronounced-public may imagine,think Armneia is some ref. to Jewish offshoot,such as Sefardit jews…
    The Itlaian one , the Stork Farm , was not that sensational, as the scenarios were mostly Italian style.Whereas scenarios of a one that is Armenian will be much more impressive, such as -if script written well- of novel by American armenian Author, Jack Hashian, ¨ m a m i g o n ¨. I trust some here may have and will search for book ,read it and then through friends find out if director producer Keshishian or Sarafyan would do it jointly even with those above, nice new ones.

  10. and yet, some films that are lightly presented, continue to succeed… as THE GREEK WEDDING, which is still showing, enjoyed, reveal the Greek culture and yet, can be enjoyed by all cultures.

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