Chalian: Memorial Day Picnics and Politics

Memorial Day Weekend’s a really great time to gather with family and friends, catch up on the latest news, and make plans for the future.

This Memorial Day, encourage your friends and family to register for the Armenian Cause 2.0 conference.

Whether you will be cooking up kebab or kielbasa—at home, the beach, or in the mountains—it’s likely that, at some point, Armenian issues will come up in your conversations. Maybe you’ll talk about recent happenings in Armenia or the latest news from Washington, D.C. Whatever the subject, once the discussion gets going, look for a good time to encourage the folks you’re talking with to get personally more involved helping Armenia and advancing the Armenian Cause. You can even suggest that there’s no better way to make a difference than to sign up for the Armenian National Committee of America’s (ANCA) Armenian Cause 2.0 Conference in Washington, DC on the weekend of June 24th.

This innovative conference, organized by the ANCA and the ANCA Endowment Fund, will feature interactive, hands-on workshops and presentations to empower community leaders and activists with new and powerful ways to expand our social networks, build our grassroots power, and leverage our smart advocacy. It will include larger group sessions on broader issues, including the the state of Armenian advocacy today and perspectives on legal and political efforts to secure justice for the Armenian Genocide, as well as a series of break-out sessions offering participants advocacy training and new techniques to effectively work with the U.S. media, take advantage of social media, and expand our impact on the 2012 election cycle.

And, best of all, this conference has something for everyone.

Students will learn, share, and explore ways to take the Armenian Cause to the next level with other college-age Armenians from throughout the United States in a fun, interactive, and educational setting.

Young professionals will network with fellow professionals from across the country who share their devotion to the Armenian Cause, learn about the inside workings of the Armenian lobby, and explore how the unique skill sets of their generation can energize and advance the Armenian Cause.

Parents can come alone or bring their teenage children for a great introduction to Washington and the vital work of the Armenian American community in our nation’s capital.

Seniors will continue to show why those 60 and over represent such a rapidly growing, dynamic, and increasingly powerful source of both wisdom and political power for the Armenian American community. If the seniors in your life can’t come, consider asking them to cover the costs of sending a grandchild.

Advocacy veterans will pick up some new tricks of the trade and explore new approaches with old friends as they share their experiences and insights from years on the frontlines of the Armenian Cause with a new generation of community leaders.

Political novices will get a great introduction to the people, places, policies, and practices of the Armenian lobby, in a friendly, no-pressure, warm, and welcoming environment. There’s no better way to get from the sidelines onto the field of play!

Everybody, young and old, will get to enjoy the excellent social and networking programming (all included in the registration fee) that will perfectly complement the weekend’s educational schedule. Highlights include:

—A welcoming reception at the famous W Hotel, with a skyline view of the White House and the monuments on the Washington Mall.

—A private guided tour and “Tea on the Terrace” garden reception in the home of President Woodrow Wilson, the signer of the Arbitral Award, and the location of the famous Armenian painting, “L’Esperance.”

—A catered evening dinner reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia.

—An evening cruise past the monuments along the Potomac River, with drinks and food.

So please, this Memorial Day, encourage your friends and family to register for the Armenian Cause 2.0 Conference, and take advantage of the special ANCA hotel rate of $149/night plus tax (deadline Fri., June 3). Simply click here.

Dr. Ara Chalian is the chairman of the ANC of Pennsylvania. You can reach him at

Ara Chalian

Ara Chalian

Dr. Ara Chalian is Chairman of the ANC of Pennsylvania. You can reach him at
Ara Chalian

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