AGBU Launches Online ‘Ararat Magazine’

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) recently launched the electronic version of Ararat Magazine—online at—to engage more readers of different demographics and provide the features that make online dialogue between readers possible today. 2010 marks the 50-year anniversary of the magazine, features documentary photos on poverty in Armenia, Armenian literature in translation, and new columns.

“In its 50-year history, Ararat became not only the premier magazine of Armenian American literature but also covered many aspects of Armenian history and culture,” says editor Aris Sevag. “As such, it represents a valuable repository of materials for the study of these topics by scholars. Its collections constitute a unique holding in many public and private libraries across the United States. It is our hope and intention to not only continue this exalted tradition but expand and enrich it in the coming years.”

Ararat will be adding a number of columns to the publication, including one that explores the culinary traditions of Armenians, written by Robyn and Doug Kalajian of the popular food blog, and another by Simon Maghakyan of, who will write about discussions and controversies taking place in the online Armenian world.


  1. Since I was a kid we enjoyed reading the ABGU magazine that came to our home, I still have copies of it as it is a great source of information especially for Armenians in literature and performing arts.
    It is good news they are moving forward with an online version.  

  2. I am trying to find the following article in the following issue: Gananian, Leo (Summer 1977). “Forgotten Genius”. Ararat Magazine, Armenian General Benevolent Union, p. 21-23.
    Please help.  Thank you.

  3. your site for the magazine, ARARAT lists no address and no way to contact anyone. I would like to buy two hard copy back issues of the magazine — doesn’t matter which. Can you tell me how to do that? Leo Hamalian was a former teacher and friend of mine. Thanks.

    Rick Balkin

  4. I am a researcher. I have a lot of information regarding the Ark Suvivors; Where the left from and return too, hundreds of thousands of ancient (Preflood) records, Artifacts, much more. Like to communicate and send info. Need a way to do so.

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