Failed peace negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan

YEREVAN—A planned meeting between Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and European Council President Charles Michel has been canceled, the latest sign of the failure of the peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The breakdown of negotiations became evident when Aliyev refused to participate in European-brokered talks in Granada, Spain at the beginning of this month. Yet he sent Azerbaijan’s foreign minister to Iran for the “3+3” format talks, which took place on Monday, October 23. While another meeting was scheduled between Aliyev, Michel and Pashinyan at the end of October, European Union Special Representative for the South Caucasus Toivo Klaar confirmed today that the meeting will not take place. The Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan stated that the meeting between Pashinyan and Aliyev was canceled due to Azerbaijan’s opposition to holding the meeting in Brussels.

The idea of a “new platform for regional cooperation to ensure lasting peace and stability,” or the “3+3” format, entails a regional mechanism for peace, where the stakeholders include Southern Caucasus countries Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and their more internationally influential neighbors Iran, Russia and Turkey. While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan first suggested a regional format following the ceasefire agreement ending the 2020 Artsakh War, this format was formally introduced in October 2021 by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. 

The first round of talks in this format was held in Moscow in December 2021. While most countries were open to this format, Georgia declined from the start, citing the unsettled disputes with Russia over the breakaway territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and wary of upsetting the political alliance with the West. Georgia also refused to participate in the latest “3+3” talks on Monday. 

Foreign Ministers of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkey meet in Tehran on October 23 (Russian Foreign Ministry)

After the “3+3” format meeting held in Tehran, the participating parties issued a nine-point joint statement:

Taking into account the importance of the development of relations between countries based on mutual interests and neighborliness, they emphasized the peaceful settlement of disputes, respect for sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity, the inviolability of internationally recognized borders, non-interference in internal affairs, the prohibition of the threat or use of force and human rights based on all the principles of the United Nations Charter.

They discussed the most pressing issues in the region and emphasized the importance of platforms such as “3+3” to provide opportunities for constructive dialogue and establish mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries of the region. They stressed the positive impact of economic cooperation on strengthening mutual trust, the well-being of nations and the stability of the region. They also noted the importance of cultural cooperation, people-to-people contacts and joint projects in the fields of education, science, tourism, culture and sports.

The countries’ foreign ministers also discussed strengthening bilateral and multilateral consultations and cooperation to promote lasting peace and economic development and welcomed the ongoing processes aimed at the regulation and development of relations between all the countries of the region. Positively evaluating the results of this meeting, they reaffirmed that this platform is open for the equal participation of Georgia.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia thanked the Iranian Foreign Minister for the positive reception and successful meeting. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that the next meeting will be held in Turkey in 2024, noting that periodic meetings of the “3+3” regional platform can expand and strengthen the environment of trust and cooperation in the region.

High ranking officials who participated in Monday’s meeting have made several announcements post factum. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahyan stated that the meeting can create a basis for peace with the participation of regional actors and neighbors in the South Caucasus. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said Ankara hoped the talks would “give impetus to normalization and peace processes.”

While some believe that these talks represent progress in the normalization of relationships between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the most important factor for regional stability is lacking. Political analyst Ruben Mehrabyan says that Armenia considers the “3+3” a consultative platform and is not foreseen to discuss conflict. “Armenia does not consider this platform functional to any extent until peace is established in the region, and peace will not be established on this platform at all,” he said. 

According to Mehrabyan, the “3+3” platform implies more risks than benefits for Armenia. This platform is focused on solving the problems of the region through the leadership of Iran, Russia and Turkey, without the West. Mehrabyan believes that without the participation of Georgia, any agreement within the format is between Ankara, Moscow, Tehran and Baku. “Azerbaijan has done everything to turn this meeting in Tehran into a factor that would allow Baku to avoid traveling to Brussels,” Mehrabyan added, which was confirmed today. 

In an interview with ABC Media, political analyst Tevan Poghosyan said that Aliyev will not sign a peace agreement after the signing of the ceasefire on November 9, 2020. Poghosyan added that Aliyev will not participate in any format that is not in favor of his interests. “He received all of the demands he had from Europe and now seeks a greater strategic advance through other formats,” Poghosyan said. 

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan

Hoory Minoyan was an active member of the Armenian community in Los Angeles until she moved to Armenia prior to the 44-day war. She graduated with a master's in International Affairs from Boston University, where she was also the recipient of the William R. Keylor Travel Grant. The research and interviews she conducted while in Armenia later became the foundation of her Master’s thesis, “Shaping Identity Through Conflict: The Armenian Experience.” Hoory continues to follow her passion for research and writing by contributing to the Armenian Weekly.


  1. ⚡️🇦🇲🇦🇿- Pashinyan says he does not recognize refugees from Karabakh as Armenian citizens.

    This is reprehensible under international law, because they are not citizens of Azerbaijan either, and it is forbidden to create stateless persons, especially when these Karabakh refugees already have an Armenian passport.

    This is likely a move aimed at preventing the Karabakh refugees from becoming a reliable voting bloc against Pashinyan.

    • Pashinyan is such a huge traitor!

      He has just declared that he wants Russian troops out of Armenia and the Russian base closed!


      There can be no doubt now that Pashinyan is in tbe pay of the Americans.

      Armenia has the Turks both on its eastern and western borders and the only force keeping them out is Russia.

      And now Pashinyan wants them out!


      The Armenian people are to blame for voting Pashinyan into power and not removing him when his treachery became obvious.

      Without Russia, the Turks will invade and Armenia will lose Syunik.

      Utter madness!

    • Brother! It’s all Putin’s fault. Dictator Putin is forcing our democratically elected leader Pashinyan to act this way. Russia is the problem. No Russia, no problem. So lets help our democratically elected leader rid Armenia of all Russians so we can finally live happily with our neighbors. Look at the glorious people of Ukraine. It’s can be done. Let’s do it!

    • A historic tragedy is palying out right in front of our very eyes. Some of us were warning about this for the past 5 years. We were called Putin’s agents, Kocharyan’s agents, traitors, etc. If any of you reading this are looking for someone to blame for what happened to Artsakh, look in the mirror and blame yourselves. Anyone that at any time spoke against Robert Kocharyan, Serj Sargsyan, Putin or Russia, you partook in making this tragedy possible. Those who supported Nikol and his Western financed Turkophiles at any time during the past 5 years have the blood of Artsakh-Armenians on their hands. The past 30 years have proven beyond any doubt that Armenians are not ready for independence. The past 5 years have shown beyond any doubt that Armenians don’t even deserve independence. If Armenia does not join Russia in some form in the near future, there will not be an Armenia on the world map. If fact, we have only two choices: become a Oblast and survive or become a Vilayet and die.

    • Charlie,

      More regurgitated lies and half-truths by you a la Chatham House and CFR. Without wasting my time exposing your lies once again, I will just say this. It does not matter whether Armenians like Russia or not. What matters is the geopolitical and geographic reality Armenia is located in. In other words, Armenia has no choice in the matter. The formula is therefore rather simple. No Russia in Armenia = no Armenia on the world map. Armenia either becomes an Oblast and lives to fight anothet day, or becomes a Vilayet and dies.

      The Charlies among us want Armenia to become a Vilayet, not necessarily because they want us Armenians dead, they just want to hurt the Russian Bear. If Armenia dies in the process, well, no big deal for them…

  2. If it’s correct that Armenia doesn’t recognise refugees from Arktash as citizens despite having issued with Armenian (Arktash) passports. Then Armenia risks doing what the Arabs did with the Palestinians. Either issue them with Armenian nationality or if they want to go back to Azerbaijan and accept Azeri nationality.

    • Charlie, you are not absolved of your sins for half-witted solutions after spending months, if not years, of convincing Armenians to go up a suicidal path

      There is an after-life, and everyone’s deeds are laid bare

    • Let’s see stating that Armenia shouldn’t be so beholden to Russia , should take note of Russia cordial relationship including weapons sales with Turkey and Azerbaijan, shouldn’t forget that Russia prevented the gas pipeline from Iran being built to larger capacity, should take note of that ally Russia is entangled in Ukraine which means that it can’t assist as before and the pariah status as a result and that as an ally of Russia it affects the support Armenia can get from the west. I’ve stated that Turkey is seen as a wayward member of NATO. I have stated that Armenia shouldn’t do a Ukraine and turn sharply against Russia. I’ve stated that people should look at the nature of Russian relationships with other nations such as Syria for context. Should take note that Russia as the Soviet Union assigned Arktash to Azerbaijan and signed away Kars to Turkey. Also should take note of the support from Russia has not been like that of the USA for the Kosovo Albanian cause and for Israel and thus shouldn’t be revered as though it does. I’ve also urged people to check foreign news sources to avoid being misled as many were in 2020 conflict.

      Hardly urging a suicidal path as le var insinuates!

    • @Charles

      Just admit that you failed your Geography exam at school and that you can’t read a map.

      If you did, you’d know that Russia and only Russia can ever save Armenia.

      Nobody in the West is ever going to die for Armenia.

      Learn to read a map.

  3. Agreed Robert, all along Nicole has been busy with his deceitful and fabricated stories He’s a walking disaster and has betrayed Armenians long, long time ago.

    • Only imbeciles get fooled so easily. If anyone supporting Pashinyan in 2018, and that includes 95% of the people commenting on this forum, had spent 10 minutes researching Pashinyan’s background, ideology and his writings over the last 20 years they would have known that he was brought to power for 2 main reasons- hand over Artsakh in its entirety (check) and remove the Russian presence from Armenia (almost check).
      As usual the Armenian people made their fateful decision to support Pashinyan based on personal emotion and irrational behaviour rather that from a position of national interest, plus their biases leaning towards a utopian europe rather that a realistic look at their neighbourhood. Hence the cycle of shrinking of the homeland and massacre continues and lessons never get learned.
      I’m not saying what has happened to Armenians in the last 5 years is a good thing, but there’s no doubt it was a logical and correct ending. Simple cause and effect. I also have no doubt that lessons won’t get learned and things will continue to get worse, and if by some miraculous turn of events we still have a homeland 5 years from now with Siunik attached, it won’t be because of the useless biomass that’s sitting in cafes in Yerevan today or because of the impotent and disconnect diaspora, but rather because there are powers in the world today that value Armenia’s existence as a geopolitical buffer to turkish and nato expansion more than Armenians do – namely Iran and Russia.

    • Gurgen2,

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Bravo. Being that Armenia is located in the south Caucasus and not in central America, the country has no choice but to stay as close to Russia as possible. No Russia in Armenia = no Armenia on the world map. It’s really that simple. Since Armenians have proven beyond any doubt that they are not ready for independence, especially in a place like the south Caucasus, Armenia will either have to become an Oblast and live to fight another day, or become a Vilayet and die…

    • Charles

      I don’t want to believe that your intentions are bad.
      But O my, o my…. Your capacity of seeing things, understanding geopolitical situations, analysing world events and thinking rationally, could be rated as… let me see…
      as just inexistant.
      All the examples you gave are taken out of context, and looked at with the eyes of a 5 year old.
      Unfortunately most of us still haven’t grown up politically, starting with Pashynian if he’s honest. But in his case, it is almost proven that he is sold out to foreign interests.
      The first thing he should have done after so many disasters, would have been to resign and/or form a coalition national unity government, to bring people together, and stop these quarrels and divisions.
      There’s a saying that goes: you have to have better relations with your neighbours that with your relatives.
      Our neighbours are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and Russia.
      I’ll let you choose which one or ones you want to live with.

  4. the fact that Pash has not been forced out of office tells me all I need to know about the resolve the Armenian people. The worst enemy of the Armenians are Armenians themselves.

  5. It seems that my statements have triggered some here! False statements by some posters that I’m linked to Chatham House and council of foreign relations is quite flattering really if only it was true i would be much wealthier! Along with being happy for Armenia to be a Turkish vilayet when I’ve said nothing of the sort, putting words in my mouth. Especially those with infatuation with Russia. I would be intrigued if they actually live in Russia nevertheless. I did well in geography at school and loved looking at the family Atlas as a young boy.

    • You have to support Russia just not live there. It’s the same as Turkish Erdogan supporters who live in Germany. They are die hard Erdogan supporters who refuse to stay in Turkey more then 3 weeks. It’s those votes which allowed Erdogan to win last elections.

    • Mr. Turkey,

      Typical strawman argument. New flash: more Armenians live in Russia than in Armenia. I have been to Russia. I have friends and relatives in Russia. I also know Armenians that have served in the Russian military. I live in the belly of the beast due to personal circumstances I have no control over. If I had a choice, I would gladly live in Russia or Armenia. That said, because I live in the West, I know the West better than any Armenian in Armenia. Politically motivated opinions of cyber activists such as yourself and Charlie means very little.

    • @Charles

      There’s no infatuation with Russia just simple common sense.

      If you do know how to read a map and you didn’t fail your Geography exams then stop talking nonsense.

  6. Hello Robert
    Some of the posters here especially @ Concerned Armenian speak of Russia with what can only be considered an infatuation. Namely never criticising Russia in any way ( it’s sales of weapons to Azerbaijan, despite the fact it was obvious that they were most likely to be used against Armenia or Armenians in Arktash was fine as it allowed Russia to exert influence over Azerbaijan) and fulsome praise along with denigration of Armenia claiming that it’s not ready for independence and doesn’t even deserve it anymore. Russia cares for itself and with its preoccupation with Ukraine and the fact that it doesn’t adjoin Armenia means that it will be paying less attention to Armenia. Also there has been much hypocrisy such as Kremlin shill Andrew Korybko who would constantly state pre 2020 conflict that Armenia must withdraw from internationally recognised Azerbaijan yet when Russia invaded Ukraine it was necessary action to safeguard Russians from persecution and the annexations as reintegration. In the 2020 he condemned Armenia for using unguided rockets and shells against Azeri towns yet when Russia invaded and would do the same on an exponentially greater scale said nothing of course. With such hypocrisy from Moscow along with their insinuations in 2020 that had Armenia been more onside that Russia would have been able to prevent Azeri attacks this seemed plausible until little over a year later when Russian columns of crack troops were savaged by the same type of TB2 drones in Ukrainian service. It is this that led me to take a more anti Russian position, clearly were being hypocritical about Armenia and Arktash and insinuating that they were accomplished than they actually were such as turning out to be somewhat helpless against the TB2 drones. This should help Armenia and Armenians to see that Russia was being quite cynical about legallisims of territorial integrity and deceiving Armenians and themselves in particular about their military capacities! Basically Russia has manipulated Armenia and the difficulties with Turkey and Azerbaijan shouldn’t allow them to evade scrutiny over this.
    As for Pashinyan he came to power due to disillusionment with the existing system and the minor losses in 2016 which should have been taken as warning that the status quo of 1994 couldn’t be relied upon as before anymore. His re-election in 2021 was a mixture of not wanting to go back to the sclerotic government of before and a quiet realisation that the defeat in 2020 was due to being outmatched even this was impossible to proclaim at the time (the passing of time and Russian woes in Ukraine have helped to see things for what they were better) in 1945 Britain voted out Winston Churchill despite victory in WW2 that year, so elections have a rhythm of their own… As for Pashinyan if his party is able to form a government and effect authority then there isn’t the need to form a national unity government. It was the divisions that led to him taking office in 2018.
    Also looking at a map it’s clear that Armenia doesn’t adjoin Russia actually so is neighbouring but not a neighbour of Armenia.

    • Sir Charlie,

      Regardless of what you say, you don’t pass the duck test. One more time: worry about your country. We Armenians will manage. We have been around for thousands of years, we will be around long after “Great Britain” is no more…

  7. What are these personal circumstances? Better life, income? Isn’t that the whole point? Why are there so many Russians aboard?

    • Mr. Turkey,

      Strawman argument. The short answer to your silly question is – yes!

      My parents were seeking secure life in the West because Western powers were ruining the lands they called home. Countries like Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Argentina, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Serbia, Yemen, Greece, USSR, etc, were ruined due to Western aggression and exploitation. Refugees and economic migrants from such lands went where to find work and shelter? Correct, to the West. Why? That’s where they could still make a living without getting blown up. But guess what, such people tend to be harsh critics of West.

      Do you now understand why there are so many Russians, Ukrainians, Yugoslavians, Palestinians, Kurds, Armenians, Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, Libyans, etc, “abroad” and why they oppose the West?

      Although it’s none of your business, I will add that I had serious plans to move to Armenia in the foreseeable future. I have property there. I have a lot of investments there. Because of Western machinations in the south Caucasus via a mentally ill characters like Pashinyan, that plan is all but ruined now. I am therefore currently stuck in the Western world. And I cannot just leave family, friends and work behind and go start from zero somewhere else. If I was younger and had the financial security, I would move to a country like Russia in a heartbeat.

      PS: when the current world war is over and the Anglo-American-Zionist world order is defeated, characters like you won’t be able to have silly conversations like this.

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