Armenian Americans: A Key Vote in 2024 Battleground States

In the wake of Joe Biden arming genocidal Azerbaijan’s ethnic cleansing of Artsakh’s 120,000 indigenous Armenians, American voters of Armenian heritage – understandably outraged over the President’s complicity in this crime – are poised to play a decisive role in the 2024 presidential election.

Armenian Americans are well-respected as a highly motivated electorate and are – within America’s current political landscape – particularly well-positioned in competitive election states. The largest and most established Armenian population centers flourish across California (upwards of 750,000) and along the Amtrak corridor – from Nashua, New Hampshire down to Richmond, Virginia – with sizable communities across the mid-west – in the Detroit suburbs of southeast Michigan and the Racine and Kenosha region of Wisconsin. Notably, highly motivated Armenian Americans in Pennsylvania were widely credited with playing a decisive role in the Fetterman-Oz Senate race. Newer communities are growing in Phoenix, Arizona and in the Las Vegas/Henderson area of Nevada, as tens of thousands of Armenian Americans move to these cities from California.

Americans of Armenian heritage, well represented across the U.S. political spectrum, are known for crossing party lines to vote for candidates who support Armenian issues. In the wake of President Biden’s complicity in Azerbaijan’s war crimes, many will cast their ballots on this single issue.

In terms of coalitions, Armenian Americans are historically close to other Christian communities with roots in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Greater Middle East, including Greeks, Serbs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Lebanese, Arameans, Maronites, Copts and others. Armenians are supported by fellow Christians – including Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical. Azerbaijan’s recent attack sparked an outpouring of support from American faith-based and human rights groups.

A baseline for any candidate seeking our support for the presidency – incumbent or challenger – is a track record of condemning any and all U.S. complicity in Azerbaijan’s genocide of Artsakh and its aggression against Armenia. That is the very minimum – the starting point for a dialogue with the voters whose support they seek. There is no free pass for complicity, no reward for silence, no tolerance for “both-siding” genocide. That is our bright red line.

Armenian Americans vote. And, to be sure, come next year, they will vote in unprecedented numbers. Add to that the multiplier that Armenians talk – to their friends and neighbors, coworkers and classmates. All signs point to Armenian Americans as a potentially decisive factor in the hotly contested 2024 presidential race.

We engage in the coming contest grounded in the knowledge that U.S. citizens holding our public servants accountable is not partisan. It is American. To do less – whether for fear or favor – is wrong. As the old adage goes: “My country right or wrong; when right, to keep her right; when wrong, to put her right.” In that spirit, it should be clear to all that holding Biden accountable is not pro Trump, just as holding Trump accountable is not pro Biden.

Those who would define Armenian American advocacy by the left/right divide of American politics will see every action or inaction by either side as a zero-sum proposition – reflexively hammering those they hate (despite positive steps they may have undertaken) and cheerleading their favorites (even when their actions are dangerous and destructive).

We are not the Republican National Committee. We are not the Democratic National Committee. We are the Armenian National Committee. We confidently exercise our constitutional rights as U.S. citizens and taxpayers – full stakeholders in our American democracy.

For our part, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) will continue to center Armenian American policy priorities – always demanding accountability – calling balls and strikes, based on the facts. The ANCA will continue tirelessly advancing our issues on a plane above the divisive day-to-day discourse and angry diatribes that have sadly come to characterize far too much of the American political landscape.

Aram Hamparian

Aram Hamparian

Aram Hamparian is the Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).


  1. The Diaspora love Armenia so much that they’ll live anywhere but there.

    What’s the point of all millionaires and billionaires in the Diaspora?

    It’s not as if they give their money to Armenia.

    The Diaspora are responsible for the suicidal policy of alienating Russia.

    • This four line comment that seeks to distill the complexity of the Armenian Diaspora and it’s relation with Armenia is an ignorant oversimplification of an important issue. Futhermore it has nothing to do with the gist of the article.

      While the Armenian electorate itself is small, on the issue of what happened to Artsakh they are supported by a much larger electorate of Christians. On Christian broadcasting networks there was significant coverage of Christians being persecuted in Artsakh and the hands of Muslim Azerbaijan. One can already picture the Republican attack ads showing the suffering of Christian Armenians with the rejoicing of Muslim Azerbaijanis at their plight. And all this while the Biden Administration had an anemic response to the persecution. Such a visceral image will resonate with many Christian groups of many denominations and could well turn the election in swing states.
      Diasporan Armenians in the United States should articulate this very dynamic to the Biden Administration. The starving and persecuted Armenians of 2023 could result in a Republican presidential victory on 2024.

      The Biden Administration needs to do much more to protect the human rights of Armenians struggling to survive in their ancestral homeland to counter their inaction. This would include eliminating the waiver of Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act so that Azerbaijan would not be eligible for any US assistence. It would include imposing global Magnitsky sanctions on the responsible Azerbaijani officials for human rights violations. It would include a robust humanitarian mission for the Artsakh refugees. And finally leading a multinational peacekeeping force to protect Armenia itself from an imminent attack by Azerbaijan and Turkey (in an attempt to impose the Zangezur corridor) on Armenia could help to repair the damage.

    • And the Israelis and Turks love their country so much that they moved abroad. What was the relevance of the statement?

  2. The living God of Creation will direct President Donald Trump to vanquish the enemies of Armenia and restore their nation in October of 2024.

    • I’m quite certain Donald Trump could not find Armenia on a map, much less vanquish its enemies. Also, try to remember the First Commandment: Thou shall have no other gods before me.

      I also don’t think ripping nursing babies out of their mothers’ arms and failing to record any way of identifying them, thus permanently separating families, is Christ-like or just, no matter how anti-immigrant one is.

  3. Not sure that helping to elect Fetterman to the senate is something to hang your hat on🤔
    I am perplexed by the love affair we have with the DNC. Enough already.

    • Are you kidding? Dr. Oz is buddies with Erdogan, they guy (along with Aliyev) who is trying to exterminate our fellow Armenians from their homeland. Erdogan, the guy who praised Enver Pasha at the victory parade in Baku. I live in Maine and donated to Fetterman’s campaign. And to Fetterman’s credit he has been supportive on Armenian issues.
      We should stop looking at this as a Deomocrat vs Republican issue. We have Democrats and Rebulicans who support us as well as Democrats and Republicans who support the Turks and Azeris. Vote on the issues, not the party. God gave you a brain, use it!

  4. Make no mistake, I’m upset about the goings on in Artsak. My grandparents emigrated from western Armenia to escape 1915. History repeating itself, so sad. The Nazi Donald Trump is NOT an option for president!! He started this mess in 2018/19. How is he any “better”? Who is a viable candidate for the Republican Party? Anyone? Biden may not be helping but he’s not a mob boss working to cover his own evil deeds and working to destroy our democracy and our country. By the way, Biden’s not banning books either. Shades of history repeating itself?? Anyone, think DeSantis and his buddies will stop with books?

    • ‘Nazi’ Trump made the USA energy INDEPENDANT, to the point the US was EXPORTING our oil. There wasn’t a hint of inflation, the country was flourishing pre-Covid BS. What part of that don’t you like? Ukraine would have NEVER been invaded as Russia, China & N Korea were frightened to the core of Trump. The debacle of unnecessary deaths in Afghanistan was not Trumps plan, FJB.” He may not be helping”?? Then what is he doing in the White House? The Paris Accords was/ is total B**lsh*t. WAKE UP! Stop drinking poisoned mainstream media Kool-aid. Read Epoch Times, Daily Wire, refresh your brain. The Armenian tragedies will continue for decades to come. Turkey & it’s ugly allies will never stop until all our land is seized. It’s ALL about the land & preferred inhabitants, as it has been for CENTURIES. Make all the noise you want, not a dollar or vote will ever change that. You only need to look at Ukraine, Taiwan & S Korea.
      ‘Nazi’ Trump, he helped the USA, the military, the economy. He made a big difference as the SuperPower we used to be & he’s got my vote AGAIN. Wake up!

  5. Not one penny! Not one vote! We demand action, not hand-wringing, not words of pacification, not “its a complex situation” and NOT Samantha Power’s uselessness. Every voter has their cause, their special interest: Armenia is ours. To EVERY politician running for something, know that we exist, we have money in our pockets, our fingers on the voting lever and our unmet expectations.

  6. In Midwest there is no TV coverage of the 9 month blockade of Artsakh, Turkey, Israel
    & Azerbaijan attacking Artsakh Armenians in Sept, exodus of 120,000 Armenians, or Trumps time the Congress recognizing the Armenian genocide 1915-1923.The same ethnic group controls Washington. We have constant tv one sided Israel & Hamas coverage now. During the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, American newspapers widely covered the atrocities, generous Americans donated the equivalent of $1 million to the Armenian survivors. The 3 nations mentioned + Biden & Secy of State have nothing to gain by helping Armenians, Azerbaijani have oil, for Israel it’s divide & conquer.

  7. I always read and like Aram Hamparian’s articles and suggestions. In California, District 30, Alex Balekian is running for congress for the seat of Adam Schiff. We are campaigning very hard that he wins the primary and put his name on the November ballot. We are working very hard to registers as many Armenians as we can, to vote. Especially for the primary election. We need more Armenians in Washington.

    • I wish Alex all success, though I wish he would work on displacing/replacing someone other than Schiff. For all his faults, Schiff has been our ally and supported our cause. Don’t you think?!

  8. In a brief statement, whoever respects the human Rights will not vote for those who supports those who committed genocide to any one. Azerbaijan criminal authority and Islamist even beheaded small children as their Turkish companion did the first genocide to Armenians. So whole humans shouldn’t vote for those who is supporting them even most Muslims hate what they have done.

  9. A lot of lip service from Secretary of State Blinkin and Joe Biden weather it is about the Armenian conflict in Artsak the War between Israel and Hamas. The lack of action speaks Volumes…. At the very least we know that President Trump took action moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem took action against Iran with a Drone killing in Iraq…… Armenian Americans need to endorse support and Vote to return President Trump to the White House for this is a President that keeps the Promises that he makes……….. Judge the man by his Deeds not his Words.

    • Ahem, Donald Trump has business dealings with Aliyev and Erdogan. Under the Trump administration Aliyev got an accelerated amount of money from the US. The 2020 war happened with Trump as president and the US was totally absent diplomatically while Russia was the sole arbiter in the November 9, 2020 trilateral agreement. And look how that turned out. Trump also abandoned the Kurds after the Kurds were the boots on the ground to help get rid of ISIS in Northern Syria. Leaving the Kurds to the evil one Erdogan was a horrible betrayal. This is not even mentioning Trump trying to overthrow the US election. Look I’m not happy with Biden and Blinken’s anemic response to the tragedy in Artsakh, but Trump, given his personal business dealings with Aliyev and Erdogan would be even worse.

  10. I am relieved to read the comments by those who recognize and voice the true character of the accused felon D Trump. He is no friend to Armenians and cares not-at-all about their suffering anywhere in the world. Don’t dance with the devil.
    Biden is a decent man with a conscience and will recognize and come to Armenia’s aid. He is not a sociopath like DTrump who would consider Armenia in his own words a “sh..hole country” !

    • You keep dreaming with your eyes open that Crooked Joe Biden will come to the aid of Armenians and keep dreaming that his Cognitive faculties will improve…. I think not

  11. In the 1940’s and 50’s i was a very young person…My experience, In those days was that my Armenian community was very angry and rightly so…They were not organized or coherent as to the Armenian genocide, and rightly so…It was very hard to watch…I kept saying you have to organize and become politically organized…All i heard from my parents and friends was hatred…Over many years It finally happened!…I am 84 and and very happy and proud of ANCA and the Armenian communities throughout America…My parents escaped from Turkey, in the early part of the 20th. century…They were very scared…Please do not blow it now…I think/know Trump is very dangerous and has seriously hurt many people, all for his own gain…I too am very disappointed in Biden, who tends to play the odds and makes to many deals…However, it may be smarter to organize, march and pressure him politically…This email/letter you sent me, and others, is very impressive regarding potential votes, to be lost or gained for Biden…Do not over react now…PLAN and continue Politically!…Try to reach out to Politicians like James McGovern, Mass Congressmen…He has an Armenian following.

  12. Armenians who are loyal Americans have a difficult choice. While we are loyal to the Armenian cause, the question is that of the very existence of Armenia as we see Azerbaijan and Turkey squeeze by every means possible the very existence of Armenia. As one who has supported the Armenian Cause all my life of 91 years as well as one who has served the American cause of Democracy in public as well as in the military, it pains me to see the errors of a Democratic Republic we pursued so long become subject to open hostility. We must pray for its continued existence, solve internal Armenian politics, and follow a measured course in the United States without alienating those we might not agree with.

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